GUCCI Unboxing

If you follow me on Instagram and snapchat you will probably know I have headed out on holiday to Malta, but before I left I did a little bit of cheeky shopping and seen as most of you loved my last unboxing video, I thought I would share what I had bought this time by unboxing it on camera once again! It is something I have been in two minds about buying for quite a while, because I feel like it is quite a trend based purchase and I wasn’t sure it was worth the investment.  But last week I finally took the plunge and headed to Gucci to get these. I hope you enjoy this video and if you do please don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel

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Dior Unboxing | Luxury Shoe Review

I love watching unboxing videos on Youtube, so today I thought I would share with you my very first unboxing video!I recently popped to Harrods and although this purchase may feel a little bit strange at this time of the year, when I saw these I just couldn’t resist. So in this video I’m reviewing and sharing with you my latest super indulgent treat from Dior.

Dior is a brand I have loved for years, and I could probably say that it is my favourite high end designer. I love what the brand stands for and the timeless elegance of all their pieces. It is a brand that has moved on with the times and have come up with some super trendy pieces, especially in eyewear fashion, but have also retained that classic and evergreen elegance specially in their fashion. I absolutely love their clothes, which make you feel elegant and sophisticated whilst still on trend. The same with their handbags, which I have a few of and to top it all off their customer service is absolutely amazing – you definitely feel like a princess every time you pop into one of their boutiques.

I also feel that Dior has remained a little more exclusive perhaps because its not as popular as brands like Chanel and you don’t see their accessories over and over again. So overall its a brand I love and this purchase is something I think I will cherish for a very long time.

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