Spring Fashion Haul | Net-A-Porter, Zara, AD ….

So Spring is finally here, well sort of – this English weather has not been on its best behaviour, but there have been a few days where the sun has been shining so I decided to start getting my Spring wardrobe ready and since I was going away on holiday to Malta it was the perfect excuse to get myself a few more summer bits.

Spring trends have really got me excited because there are so many crisp poplin cotton style tops and shirts which are one of my favourite things, and given I was on the hunt for a new white top (you can never have too many of those!) I checked out what Zara and Adolfo Dominguez had and found quite a few options! I have to admit that I have also been very impressed with Zara’s collection for Spring and actually since filming this video I have picked up a few other bits because they have so many classic, versatile yet still trendy pieces this season! I have also been after a pair of boyfriend jeans for a while, and I purchased a pair from Net-A-Porter which you would have already seen featured in this blogpost.

So this one really is a mixed bag with some high street and some designer pieces, and some of the stuff featured is actually on sale right now so well worth checking it out! I hope you enjoy this video and if you do please don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel!

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GUCCI Unboxing

If you follow me on Instagram and snapchat you will probably know I have headed out on holiday to Malta, but before I left I did a little bit of cheeky shopping and seen as most of you loved my last unboxing video, I thought I would share what I had bought this time by unboxing it on camera once again! It is something I have been in two minds about buying for quite a while, because I feel like it is quite a trend based purchase and I wasn’t sure it was worth the investment.  But last week I finally took the plunge and headed to Gucci to get these. I hope you enjoy this video and if you do please don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel

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Spring Trends 2017| How to Incorporate them Into Your Style

Its finally Spring here in the UK  and surprisingly enough it feels almost like summer. The sun has been out, trees are filled with flowers and the city looks stunning! This has to be one of my favourite times of year, because everything jus looks so beautiful covered pastel pinks, greens and blues and the weather is just perfect, barring the frequent rainy days we normally get in this country!

I usually like to invest in a few key pieces each season and then I’ll keep some of my special purchases for when seasonal sales come around, but this year I have to admit that I have been wanting to buy so many things for Spring. So in this post I want to share with you how I have incorporated into my wardrobe and outfits this years’ Spring trends.


The ‘Ruffle’ Trend 

Ruffles have been all over runways for a long time now and frankly they were something I couldn’t say I loved at the time, but they have slowly grown on me. I think they add a very feminine touch to any outfit and they can instantly make  a high street piece look high end if done in the correct fabric, because they add that touch of drama and opulence. I don’t like to over do it, but I think strategically placed ruffles can definitely be very flattering and recently they are just about everywhere so there is a lot to choose from. A few of my favourite items have to be the Valentino Ruffle Dress which also incorporates the bell sleeve trend, and a number of tops I spotted in Zara. I think they are really ones to look outdoor this season. They have some amazing tops incorporating this trend in both casual and more dressy forms. I have linked a few of my favourite pieces below.


But the star of the show for me this year was this Roksanda Iklinic inspired white Spring coat by Zara. The spring coat is a piece I have always loved, I think I would comfortably say its my favourite item of clothing. I find them so elegant, flattering and they can just elevate any outfit. I love them in every style but my favourite is a tailored fit. They are the perfect cover up for those warm but yet breezy Spring days, and they can add the perfect finishing touch or a pop of colour to a very simple outfit making it look almost runway ready.


This piece has the perfect slim line fit with strong shoulders which in my case really balances out my body shape. I also love how the  ruffle trend has been incorporated in a very subtle and wearable way. They had this piece in pink, black and white and although I was initially going to take the pink given its so on trend this year, when I saw the white I just couldn’t resist. I think its such a versatile piece that you can dress up or down and that has the perfect length to pair with both trousers and dresses.

The ‘Boyfriend’ Jeans 

This is a trend I have to admit I have struggled to get on board with for a few years. I never though I pair of baggy jeans could look flattering on my body but I saw so many influencers styling these on Instagram that eventually it grew on me. I don’t think I could fully embrace the boyfriend look as it just doesn’t go with the rest of the pieces in my wardrobe which are quite classic, but when I found skinny boyfriend jeans I thought these were the perfect combination of casual, easy going yet not too grungy.



Recently I purchased these from Frame at Net-a-Porter and I have to say that as soon as I tried them on I was in love. I have worn these to death and I love how comfortable and easy yet chic they look. These ones are quite low waisted and not too long which means when yo fold them up they show off the slimmest part of your ankle making them very flattering. I think these look great with anything from sneakers to stilettos and they are the perfect alternative to the classic skinny jeans. Mine are in a medium wash which makes them perfect for Spring and the fabric is a little stretchy so they’re super comfortable but still cling on to all the right places. A lot of the boyfriend jeans these season are in distressed denim but I wanted a more classic feel so I decided to take these which in my opinion are good balance of being on trend yet not loosing my style completely.


The ‘Pink’ Trend 

Pink is huge this season, and although I feel like pastel shades are always on trend in Spring this year the colour pink seems to have a very special place not only in pastel shades. I have seen so many designers style a full head-to-toe pink look, and while that can look amazing on the runway I think its not a look most people would wear in every day life.


I personally have never found pink a very flattering colour on my complexion. I feel like it brings out my yellow undertones and makes me look quite sallow or washed out depending on the shade of pink. Given it was hugely in trend though I really wanted to incorporate some pieces into my outfits and I found the easiest way to do that was through accessories.


These shoes and handbag both from Louis Vuitton are pieces I have had for quite a while but hadn’t really worn together very much because I though it was a bit of pink overdose, but I paired them for this outfit and I actually really liked how it turned out. I admit these are in a very muted shade of powder pink but they are a great way to incorporate the colour if you are not willig to go all the way. I also love how Max Mara incorporated pink in quite a subtle way with their powder pink tailored suit and as I mentioned earlier the Valentino ruffle dress is a firm favourite. I think these are all fairly neutrally coloured pieces which you could pair with existing items in your wardrobe so they are a great way to get started on this trend.


The Timeless Spring Staple 

Finally I wanted to talk about white tops. If you have been following me for a while you will have probably seen these featured in a number of my videos and blog posts and that is because frankly I don’t think I could ever own enough. I find the shade super flattering and key staple in everyones wardrobes not only for Spring but really all year round. In spring I love pairing it with pastel shades and beige  because I think it gives such a feminine yet elegant touch to any outfit.



This year I have I have been seeing so many white cotton poplin tops, which I will talk about in another blog post because they deserve an entire write up to themselves. But on the whole because white is such a neutral colour its the perfect way to incorporate other trends such as ruffles or to balance out an outfit with a lot of colour. I have been loving a few white tops from Zara which I have linked below and a firm favourite which I am wearing here is the piece from Massimo Dutti which I got last Spring. This is quite a loose fitted top so its perfect for a relaxed yet still polished look and I find the neckline is super flattering both when you wear it on its own or to wear under a blazer or coat.


On the whole I have to say I feel like I have embraced a lot more trends this Spring than I have other seasons, but always in a way that flatters my body shape and that fits in with my style. I think the key to trends is that you should always adjust them to fit your personal style and what you feel comfortable with as opposed to the other way around. I would love to know what trends you have been digging this Spring so let me know in the comments below!

ZARA White Button T-Shirt
ZARA White Poplin Ruffle Top (Sold Out)
LOUIS VUITTON Capuccines MM Bag 
LOUIS VUITTON Uptown Pump (No Longer Available)
MAX MARA Tailored Pink Suit
VALENTINO Ruffle Dress
FRAME Le Garcon Slim Jeans
FRAME Le Boy Distressd Jeans
ZARA White Ruffle Coat
ZARA Pink Ruffle Top

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