BY TERRY Sun Designer Palette | Product Review

By Terry is a brand I discovered very recently and I have only tried a couple of their products but I have to say so far I have been extremely impressed by every single one. For a long time I had heard so many Youtubers talk about their products but unfortunately the seriously hefty price tag always stopped me from purchasing them, as I wasn’t sure if I wanted to splurge so much money on something I wasn’t sure I would even like.


Their products tend not be anything revolutionary or that other brands don’t have, however after having tried them I can say their quality is incredible and in most cases nothing like what other brands have to offer, so I can say that so far the price tag is somewhat justified.

The first product I tried from this brand was a highlighting powder, very similar to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, but better! It is their Imperlious Voile de Pearle, and although its meant to be a highlighter I actually use it as a setting powder. I did a full blogpost on this item which I will link here.

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VLOG: Come to The Salon With Me + Realistic Beauty Routine

Today I wanted to share with you my realistic weekly beauty routine. I had mentioned in a previous video that I like to keep Fridays as a bit of a ‘me’ day and I usually get my hair and nails done and do a little bit of a pamper routine at home. A few people requested I shared this, so I thought I would take you along with me! I am taking you to some of my favourite spots in London, where I have been going to get my hair and nails done for years. Getting my nails done on Fridays has been a bit of weekly ritual for years and I am always amazed at how put together something so small can make you feel.

In this video I also wanted to share with you what I do at home as a sort of weekly beauty regime, from face masks to foot scrubs and lots more. So I hope you enjoy this video and if you please don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel.


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