BY TERRY Sun Designer Palette | Product Review

By Terry is a brand I discovered very recently and I have only tried a couple of their products but I have to say so far I have been extremely impressed by every single one. For a long time I had heard so many Youtubers talk about their products but unfortunately the seriously hefty price tag always stopped me from purchasing them, as I wasn’t sure if I wanted to splurge so much money on something I wasn’t sure I would even like.


Their products tend not be anything revolutionary or that other brands don’t have, however after having tried them I can say their quality is incredible and in most cases nothing like what other brands have to offer, so I can say that so far the price tag is somewhat justified.

The first product I tried from this brand was a highlighting powder, very similar to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, but better! It is their Imperlious Voile de Pearle, and although its meant to be a highlighter I actually use it as a setting powder. I did a full blogpost on this item which I will link here.

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GUCCI Unboxing

If you follow me on Instagram and snapchat you will probably know I have headed out on holiday to Malta, but before I left I did a little bit of cheeky shopping and seen as most of you loved my last unboxing video, I thought I would share what I had bought this time by unboxing it on camera once again! It is something I have been in two minds about buying for quite a while, because I feel like it is quite a trend based purchase and I wasn’t sure it was worth the investment.  But last week I finally took the plunge and headed to Gucci to get these. I hope you enjoy this video and if you do please don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel

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Armani Prima Glow On Balm – The Ultimate Moisturiser

Moisturiser is probably not the most exciting product when it comes to beauty, and I have to admit that for the longest time I was not very excited by skincare in general. Finding the best mascara, foundation or lipstick was always on my radar, as it was something visible, and why not say it a lot more ‘pretty’ to buy. Makeup usually has beautiful colours to choose from and sophisticated packaging. However, as I get older I have realised that no matter how good your makeup is nothing sits well if you don’t take good care of the canvas underneath, so focusing on skincare and getting products that work well with my skin no matter how flashy or not their packaging is, has become top of my priority list when it comes to purchasing beauty products.


If you have been watching my tutorials for a while, you will probably know that I have been using the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream for quite a while, and I honestly still think its an amazing moisturiser, specially if you are going to wear in under makeup. However, I recently ran out of my ginormous tub (it is definitely worth the money , mine lasted for over a year) and I was not giving a second thought to repurchasing, but around that time I started hearing lots of great things about Armani’s new Prima Range, specifically their Glow-On Moisturising Balm. I had never actually tried Armani skincare, and till date I had never been too fond of skincare ranges of brands which don’t focus on beauty, i.e. brands who also do clothing, accessories, etc… and the only thing I had actually tried by Armani, was their Luminous Silk Foundation, which actually featured in my recent Disappointing Beauty Products video, so as you may guess it didn’t make the cut.  However, I heard so many people say that this product was a great base for makeup and it was sort of an improved version of the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, that I decided to give it a go.


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As you may already know I am a bit of a skincare junkie and one of my main concerns when it comes to my face is the fact that it is quite puffy and bottom heavy, and I think I may just have found the answer to all my prayers. I have been considering fillers to redefine my facial contours for quite some time but when I heard about this product, I said to myself ‘I have to try this!’and now I am actually reconsidering whether fillers are actually even necessary!

In this video I am reviewing and trying on camera Clarins’ Shaping Facial Lift V-Facial Intensive Wrap Mask, which claims not only to smooth and decongest skin but also to reduce puffiness, help tense the skin and define facial contours.

Clarins is a brand which I have grown to love in the last few years. I had never really noticed them much before but once I tried their blue orchid face treatment oil, I was floored. This  is honestly one of the best skincare products I have tried in a very long time. So when I heard of this mask which actually is part of a full range, which is meant to define facial contours and reduce puffiness I was beyond excited. But if you want to find out how I got on with this product then check out the video below and if you enjoy it please don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel.

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First Impressions & Review | Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

You may know that I recently ran out of my much loved YSL Touche Eclat Foundation, which I have been using in pretty much every video I have made since I started my channel. I discovered this foundation with my wedding makeup artist and I absolutely loved it. Its not oily but it leaves your skin looking super luminous and slightly dewey, it has sort of medium coverage and although it does have quite a strong yellow undertone, when I mixed it in with Dior BB Cream it looked perfect for my skin. However, I thought I would give another foundation a go and mix things up a little bit.

Recently I tried out the Dior Forever foundation, and although it was a nice foundation on the whole and lasted pretty well throughout the day it was a little too matte for me and it left my skin looking a little flat.

Today I am trying out the much raved about Too Faced Born This Way foundation. This is a medium to full coverage oil-free foundation, so I have high expectations and I really hope it doesn’t leave my skin looking too matte. In this video I am showing you how I got on with the foundation throughout the day and giving you a little first impressions review. I hope you enjoy this video and if you do don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel.

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First Impressions + Everyday Make Up| Dior Forever Foundation + Mikasa Brushes

I have recently run out of my much loved YSL Touche Eclat Foundation and I thought I would try out the reformulated Diorskin Forever Foundation, given I had heard so many wonderful things about it. I also purchased some of Mikasa Beauty’s new makeup brushes and their lemon drop sponge, which is fairly similar in style to a beauty blender but slightly more affordable! In this video I review all of these products and also show you how I get along with this foundation throughout an entire day. I am also sharing my full everyday makeup routine so I hope you enjoy it and if you do please don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel.

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Beauty & Makeup Haul + First Impressions

I am not a huge fan of hauls, as I like to take my time and buy products that I will really love as opposed to just binge buying but as some of you may know I recently went to India and I ended up leaving behind a lot of makeup as well as finishing off a few things so I thought this was the perfect occasion for me to go splurge and try out some of the fabulous new spring collections.

As some of you may know from previous videos Charlotte Tilbury is a brand which I absolutely love, so this is majorly a Charlotte Tilbury haul with a couple of MAC products thrown in the mix as well. I decided to do a first impressions as well so you get to see what the products look on when applied and get a mini review on each of them.

I do have to apologise about the light, I decided to film with natural light and unfortunately the sun kept coming and going so please bear with me.

Hope you enjoy it!

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