Designer Handbag Collection | Louis Vuitton, Dior, AMQ, Ferragamo, Gucci & More

Seen as so many of you enjoyed my shoe collection video, I thought I would share with you today my designer handbag collection.

Handbags are my guilty pleasure, and I find no better way of treating myself than buying a one of these beauties for myself. I do only own designer handbags at the moment, just because they are pieces I cherish for a very long time and in a way I also feel like they are somewhat of an investment given most of them have quite good resale value, so I prefer to save up for one designer purchase than buy lots of cheaper ones.

From the time I graduated from university I would either get a handbag as a present from my family for a special occasion or I would save up to buy myself something I had been eyeing up for a while and this is really how I have built my collection. I also don’t hang onto bags that no longer really fit my style or that I feel would have better home somewhere else, so I do sell some pieces on Depop and Vestiare Collective (I will link my accounts below so you can check them out) and use this money to then put towards new handbags.

In this video I am sharing all my collection from shopping bags, to clutches so I hope you enjoy it and if you do please don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel.

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Closet/Wardrobe Tour

My current wardrobe set up is very far from what it would ideally be for me. I like to think I am quite organised and I do have a bit of OCD, so I love everything to be stored away and out of sight, but unfortunately in my house the wardrobe space is quite limited so things aren’t as well stored as I would like them to, but I have definitely learnt how to make the most out of a small space.

In this video I wanted to show you how I store everything from bags, to shoes and clothes and also share with you some tips I have learnt along the way of how to save space and organise things so that they are accessible but still tidy.

I am also showing you some of my old and current favourites, so I hope you enjoy this video and if you please don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

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Designer Shoe Collection | Ferragamo, Aquazurra, LV, Roger Vivier, Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, Dior & More

Apologies for not sharing any content with you last week, but if you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat you may know I was down with the flu. But I am back now and today I wanted to share with you my designer shoe collection, from boots to sandals, stilettos, flats and basically everything I own in terms of designer footwear.

This is by no means a video to brag, but given so many of you enjoyed my Evening Wear Collection video, I thought I would share with you my guilty pleasure of designer shoes.

I have very narrow feet so it is quite hard for me to find shoes that don’t slip out when they are the right length so when I find a designer that works well for me I tend to stick to it, so you will see in this video that there are quite a few shoes from Jimmy Choo, Dior and Ferragamo as the shape of these fits me perfectly.

I hope you enjoy checking out my collection and if you do please don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel

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2016 Fashion Favourites

The other day I posted a Beauty favourites video telling you about all the makeup and skincare I had been loving throughout last year. Unfortunately the video was already too long so I couldn’t include my fashion favourites for the year, so I decided to do a separate video telling you about my absolute favourite pieces I purchased throughout 2016.

Although it has been really hard to narrow down to just a few items I have tried to include key pieces from different categories, so as to not only tell you what my favrouite and most worn items have been for 2016 have been, but also give you an ideas of what things you can look to invest in for the following year. Although some of the peces I mention are no longer available a few of them are on sale so its the perfect opportunity to get a great deal on things which I think you will wear time and time again.

Please do let me know in the comments below what your favourite pieces have been for 2016 and I hope you enjoy this video!

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Try On Haul | Fashion & Beauty Summer Luxury & Highstreet

I finally have for you my summer haul with all the things I have been loving this summer many of which I got when I was out in Dubai. Most of the stuff I have is perfect for summer and great if you are going away on holiday but when I was out in Dubai I popped into the Kenzo store and picked out some stuff from their new collection for fall, so this haul really does have a bit of everything. I also picked up a couple of items in the sale, some of which are still available at a discounted price so definitely check those out.

While I was out in Dubai I also made a mandatory trip to Sephora (how could I not!?) and I did pick up a couple of beauty bits so I hope you enjoy this super mixed haul with beauty fashion, luxury and hughstreet!

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Style Staples|How To Look Put Together Part I

I love watching YouTubers do videos on how to look put together at all times. I think these videos have really helped me develop my style and understand which things are worth the inveatent and which are a bit of a waste. Today I have for you a video telling you all about my favourite fashion tips for Spring & Summer to always look put together! In this video I tell you all about how I like to build a capsule wardrobe which will see you through every occasion this season!

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Easter Break in Paris

As you may know if you have been following up on my posts I took a little easter break to Paris a couple of weeks ago. I love city breaks because I find them the perfect get away to get a bit of rest and a bit of a change in scenery, without having to plan much in advance.


Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 11.58.06.png

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A Winter Day


So they days in London have started getting longer and brighter and it seems like there is a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel and spring is almost here. Over the weekend my husband and I went for one of our favourite things to do on a lazy day, Sunday Brunch. Continue reading A Winter Day