A Holiday In a Bottle | Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrances

Perfumes are not something I usually write about on my blog because I find it very hard to describe fragrances, but I have recently got my hands on one of Tom Ford’s exclusive fragrances and I had to tell you about it because honestly I have never experienced anything like it before.


I think the first time I smelt one of Tom Ford’s fragrances was once browsing around Heathrow for a present for my husband. The sales assistant mentioned that their Private Blend fragrances were all unisex, which I must say definitely sounded like a bonus because it meant we could both use it, and given I don’t usually like very girly floral or overly sweet scents I thought this sounded like a fragrance right up my street, and boy was I right!

The scent was absolutely incredible! It was the Neroli Portofino and it just had the most amazing, citrus scent, with some subtle floral notes but over all it was an extremely fresh fragrance, basically a holiday in a bottle. However, when the sales assistant game the price I was slightly taken aback, it was a whopping £130 for a 50ml bottle, and that I thought was the end of my love affair with Tom Ford fragrances. It was a divineness in a bottle but I just couldn’t justify the cost.


The next time I popped into Harrods, I took my husband to check them out and he was also taken aback by how wonderful these fragrances were, we tried a few and although they have slight variations they are all super fresh citrusy scents perfect for the summer, but also quiet sophisticated.

Last week my in laws were visiting and to our surprise they gifted us bottle of one of these perfumes, and now that i have had a chance to try it properly I have to say it has to be the best fragrance I have ever tried. We went for the Costa Azzurra which was the perfect balance between freshness and masculinity. This scent still has a touch of citrus which gives it that lovely freshness that all of these private blend fragrances have, but at the same time it has musky, woody notes which remind me of a forest by the sea. Its the perfect scent for those summer evenings, when you want something thats light and fresh but sophisticated at the same time.


The scent lingers around for ages and its strong but without being overpowering. When someone gets close to you they will definitely be able to smell it but it won’t leave a trail behind when you walk into a room.

The sales assistant at House of Fraser, where we purchased the perfume, was very kind and gave me a few samples of fragrances from the same range, including my favourite Neroli Portofino and their new launch Sole di Positano as well as the respective body oils to match these fragrances.

Like I mentioned earlier they all smell incredible and have fantastic lasting power and the body oils are super hydrating but sink very quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy residue behind.Sole di Positano is a strong citric scent which took me back to the Amalfi coast as soon as I took my first sniff, this is perfect if you want something very fresh for day time. Neroli Portofino again has citrus notes but with some subtle floral notes, making it slightly more feminine but without being overly sweet.

vlog cover

The packing on these fragrances is as you would expect, stunning like with all Tom Ford products. They come in beautiful blue or turquoise  bottles with a gold plate on the top with the Tom Ford logo embossed. Mine looks stunning on display on my vanity, (as you cans ee I have already stolen it from my husbands bathroom!) and although these are extremely pricey, I must say a little goes a long way and they are absolutely worth it!


If you are a fan of fresh citrus scents then you are going to love these, and given they are unisex you can always say you actually are getting 2 fragrances in one, so that would totally justify the cost! (or not! )

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Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Fragrance
Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Fragrance
Tom Ford Sole di Positano Fragrance
Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Body Oil


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