BY TERRY Sun Designer Palette | Product Review

By Terry is a brand I discovered very recently and I have only tried a couple of their products but I have to say so far I have been extremely impressed by every single one. For a long time I had heard so many Youtubers talk about their products but unfortunately the seriously hefty price tag always stopped me from purchasing them, as I wasn’t sure if I wanted to splurge so much money on something I wasn’t sure I would even like.


Their products tend not be anything revolutionary or that other brands don’t have, however after having tried them I can say their quality is incredible and in most cases nothing like what other brands have to offer, so I can say that so far the price tag is somewhat justified.

The first product I tried from this brand was a highlighting powder, very similar to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, but better! It is their Imperlious Voile de Pearle, and although its meant to be a highlighter I actually use it as a setting powder. I did a full blogpost on this item which I will link here.


The Imperious Voile De Pearle was a very well thought out purchase, after I heard Lydia Elise Millen recommending it on her Youtube channel, but the product I want to talk about today was a complete impulse buy, which is something I don’t normally do but I have to admit I am throughly impressed and don’t regret it one bit!


By Terry products are not easily accessible at every department store, which means a lot of the time I don’t see their new launches, and by the time I hear about them its too late. However, the other day I walked into Space NK and when I was paying for my purchase I saw these two beautiful palettes by the till, with the perfect bronzer, blusher and highlighter shades.

If there is one real standout apart from the quality of By Terry products, it has to be their packaging. The packaging doesn’t only feel extremely luxurious it is also very elegant yet still striking and these palettes are definitely no less. The product I am talking about is the Sun Designer Palette. IMG_2860

There are 2 shades of palettes one for lighter skin tones given the bronzer shades (I feel like blusher shades would work for all skin types on both palettes) and one for deeper skin tones. Each of the palettes have six shades, which can be used as blusher, bronzer, highlighter and in my opinion even as eye shadow.

I decided to go for the Savannah Love palette which had the slightly darker bronzer shades, given I have an olive skin tone. The shades in this palette are just absolutely stunning, every single one of them! The bronzer shades run from a very light cappuccino coloured brown with a slight hint of rose pink, to a more terracotta brown and finally a deep bronze brown. The first two shades are completely matte  and very natural looking and the third shade has a beautiful golden shimmer running through it, which gives the skin a stunning glow without actually leaving any chunky glitter particles behind. I have tried using these shades all mixed together as a bronzer and they given the perfect sun kissed glow, without making your skin look orange. I have also used the middle terracotta shade as a blusher and this looks stunning if you want a very natural apricot colour and I have also used it as an eyeshadow and although the colour pay off is slightly less then some of my eyeshadows,  it still gives a very beautiful finish especially if you are using it as a transition shade.



In terms of the blush shades there are once again 3 to choose from, although I would say one of them is more a highlighter than a blusher. There is quite a cool toned pink to begin with, then a beautiful peachy gold and finally an intense mauvey pink. These all have very very fine gold shimmer particles running through them and again used all mixed together as a blush they give a beautiful pinky glow to your cheeks. I have also used these as eyeshadows and they look stunning especially if you are going for a more natural eye look, and each individual shade used a blusher and the golden shade used as a highlighter also give a beautiful finish, although the highlighter is a little too subtle for evening for my taste, it looks great for daytime.


Like with all By Terry products they quality is incredible, and these powders are super finely milled and blend like a dream,. The colour pay off is also very good but at the same time they are not so pigmented that its easy to go over board with them. The glow they give is also very subtle and literally just makes it look like you have radiant skin, as opposed to looking like a disco ball.

The packaging like I mentioned earlier is also stunning. The palette has a large mirror which is perfect for on the go and the lid is decorated with a stunning gold palm tree design so it looks beautiful on your vanity. The palette also comes in a very luxurious velvet case which protects especially if you are going to be carrying it around in your handbag.


Overall I am super impressed with this product and with the brand in general so far. The palette doesn’t come cheap at 65 pounds, but I feel like you actually get 6 different products all in one so then it actually doesn’t work out so expensive!(Or atlas thats what I say to myself).  This is a limited edition so if you want to get your hands on it, head to your nearest Space NK and get it before it runs out.


Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 09.48.09.png

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