How to Get A Slimmer Face – Clarins Lift Affine Visage Range Review

I am very excited to share with you today’s post because it has been a very long time since I have found a product that shows such great results in one application, and by great results I mean a very clear difference in the before and after! I love results driven products and when something is dramatic enough that I can actually tell the difference after one application it gets me beyond excited.


I have always felt that my face was quite bottom heavy with quite a lot of baby fat around my cheek area and even after loosing weight this didn’t quite disappear. I have considered fillers for a while but suddenly a few weeks ago just browsing the internet I happened to find the V-Contouring range from Clarins, which I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard about. This range has been specially popular in Asia and it was initially exclusively geared towards the Asian market, wchich means it hasn’t received much attention in the UK.

The range is designed to target puffy and bottom heavy faces, helping them achieve more defined facial contours, taught skin and just basically a more balanced face shape overall, as you can imagine this seemed the answer to all my problems.

The range consists of 3 main products, a daily facial serum, and eye serum and a weekly mask. I have been using all 3 products for just under a month and I can say the results have been incredible so far, despite me not being super consistent with them. Obviously its not surgery so results are subtle but I can definitely tell there is a difference especially when it comes to my cheekbones which have been inexistent for a long time.

Shaping Facial Lift Serum 



You need to apply about 3 pumps of this and press it into your face before dong a special lymph drainage massage. The serum is very thin milky  in texture and almost instantly absorbs into your skin when you press it in. It does;t leave your skin feeling sticky or oily and because it absorbs so quickly it means you can almost immediately apply your moisturiser.


The initial step is to pump out the serum into the palm of your hands and rub them together to warm up the products, then you must press the serum into your cheek, neck, jaw and forehead areas. The final step is to perform a lymph drainage massage – for this you must sit and place your elbows on your knees. The first step is to place the palms your of your hands on your forehead and rest all the weight of your head on them, stay like this for about 10 seconds and then move on to step number 2. Now you must place your palms over your eyes and again rest all the weight of your head on them for about 10 seconds. Then cup your cheeks with the palm of your hands and resting all the weight of your face on them stay like this for another 10 seconds. Then move on to your jaw and cup the contour of your face with your palm resting your chin on them and again resting all the weight of your face on them for another 10 seconds. Finally place your thumbs begin your ears and place your palms below your jaw bone and pulling upwards rest the weight of your face for a final 10 seconds.

This massage is supposed to help drain all the fluids which are retained in this area, making it look less puffy. The serum is also meant to help reduce baby fat and hydrate your skin, and although I can’t vouch for the loss of fat, I can definitely say that my face looks more defined and less puffy and the serum is definitely hydrating. Its also a scentless product so if you dint really like perfume in your skin care then you will be pretty happy with this one


Enhancing Eye Lift Serum


This serum has a sort of jelly texture which is one of my favourite for the eyes, as I hate anything that feels heavy and greasy. I like eye products to feel very refreshing even in the evening and this does exactly that.



You are supposed to apply this serum by pressing it gently into the skin around your eyes both underneath and on the eyelid going from the centre outwards. Once the product has been applied around the eye you can massage the remaining product into your eyelashes. The final step is to do a lymph drainage massage by placing your hands on your knees while sitting down (just like with the facial serum) and rest the weight of your head on your palms by pressing them onto your eye area for about 15 seconds.


This serum is supposed to de-puff your eye area and leave them looking wider. I am not sure if they look wider but I can defintely tell a difference when it comes to puffiness and it leaves the area feeling super hydrated without feeling greasy.

V-Facial Intensive Wrap

Finally I wanted to briefly mention the mask in this range which compliments the serum perfectly. I won’t go on too much about his one because I have done a full demonstration on a video which I will link below. All I need to say about this is that its fabulous and it does exactly what it says it will! It de-puffs and defines the facial contours, so it’s the perfect mask for the ‘morning after the night before’!. This is a clay mask so it also helps to brighten the skin and remove impurities, but it doesn’t strip your skin which means it still feels nice and hydrated after applying it. It also contains Chinese Barley and Gingko extracts which help eliminate puffiness by draining excess fluids and toxins.

The application method is fairly similar to a normal clay mask you apply it to the lower sections of your face (nose downwards) and leave on for about 10 minutes and during the last 3-5 minutes you do a lymph drainage massage by placing one elbow on the palm of the opposite hand and then using your free hand to cup your face from the side letting all the weight rest on the hand.

Overall I am super impressed with this range. I love the fact that like with most Clarins products these are hypoallergenic and unscented which make them perfect if you have sensitive skin. If you suffer from puffiness and fluid retention in your face I think you will definitely love these as much as I do so do give them a try!



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