Saint Laurent Medium Monogram Tassel Handbag | My Guilty Pleasure

My love for handbags is something you must surely be aware of by now! I honestly could never have enough and as of late I have been loving the smaller kind and in this post I wanted to share with you my latest indulgence – the Saint Laurent Classic Medium Monogram Tassel bag in midnight blue python. This stunning beauty doesn’t come cheap at over £1,900 but compared to other designer hand bags I have to say it is pretty reasonably priced and it is so beautiful that once I saw it I just couldn’t help myself.

IMG_2249.JPGI have to admit it wasn’t a complete impulse buy, because I had the same bag in black suede for a couple of years and I recently sold this on Vestiare Collective because the suede was a little faded and I fancied an upgrade. Initially I was thinking of getting something completely different altogether, but after browsing a lot of different brands I decided that I actually really loved the design of this bag. Despite it being a relatively small bag it is actually very functional, because you can fit a lot of stuff inside and if like me you are not very tall you can wear it both over the shoulder and cross body which means it easily transitions from day to night. The inside of the bag is quite plain without too many separate compartment, but this means that it actually offers a lot more space. It only has a couple couple of flat pockets on one side to fit something small things like a credit card. However, the bag is quite structured, which I quite like as this means it holds it shape well even if you squish it around a little when travelling.


As you probably have realised by now I am a huge fan of gold so I decided to go for the gold hardware, I thought the contrast with the blue was very striking, but if you fancy something a bit more edgy they do have a number of models with chrome and silver finishes.


The chain strap detail really elevates the look of the bag and because its quite small it isn’t likely to weigh tons so it doesn’t really dig in to your shoulder at all. I also absolutely love the monogram and the tassel on the outside, it makes the bag a really special piece and gives it quite a glamours yet elegant look. I love the almost 80’s vibe Hedi Slimane gave the accessories line of Saint Laurent ever since he took over, and although I know there has been a lot of criticism of his work saying because some consider its too ‘unoriginal’, I personally love every piece he has designed and I think he has achieve the perfect blend of modern yet timeless and slightly opulent.


This bag is made in so many colours and finishes, that it almost feels a bit run of the mill at times but the python leather on this one makes it super exclusive and I love the glossy finish on this piece, which not only makes it quite unique especially in this mid night blue colour, but it also stops the scales from lifting, which hopefully means it will remain looking good for longer. Obviously being python the bag is quite delicate and like with all exotic leathers it ill need a bit of babying, but it is such a statement piece that I am ready to make the effort.


Overall I really love this bag, and I think it is good value for money considering it is a high end designer piece. I think its a great wardrobe staple and can probably see you through any occasion. I can comfortably fit in my phone, some makeup, a card holder and a pair of sunnies so with this bag I am absolutely set for day and night!

Handbag not available online – purchased at Harrods London

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