The Best Mascara Ever

As with most things in my makeup kit, mascara is one thing that I don’t really change up that much, once I find something that works I stick to it! I had been faithful to the MaxFactor False Lash Effect for almost as long as I can remember, but about a year ago I tried out Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama mascara and after a bit of hesitation at the start, I eventually decided it was ‘The One’. I love lashes with a lot of drama, and I want a mascara that offers everything, both length and volume without too many clumps. Even for day time looks I like lashes which stand out and this mascara seemed to offer everything I wanted, although on occasions my lashes could feel a little too clumpy, especially when the mascara was brand new.
However, on a recent trip to Sephora in Madrid I saw the much raved about Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced and I thought I would give it a go. I have tried high end mascaras in the past and I have never been truly sold because I feel they don’t really give you all that much more than  drugstore mascaras (in fact I find a lot of drug store mascaras are actually better) and given the longevity of mascaras I feel I can’t justify the hefty price tag. But this Too Faced mascara was fairly reasonably priced for a high end product and given so many bloggers and Youtubers had it in such a high standing I thought I had to try out.
The first thing that really enticed me was the fact the mascara had collagen. Collagen not only provides fullness to your hair, its also a great treatment which repairs and protects it, so I thought hopefully this mascara would help stop my lashes from falling out,which is something that has been happening quite a lot recently.
I have to admit that the first time I tried the product I was pretty skeptical and thought it couldn’t possibly be better than my Maybelline Push Up Drama, but I was wrong! This mascara is honestly fabulous!
It truly provides length and volume without the clumps, which I honestly didn’t think it was possible. I am not sure if this is because of the collagen, but the mascara glides beautifully on to your lashes, and it doesn’t feel like you need to drag the product for it to coat the whole lash. With just one coat you can already tell the huge difference it makes to your lashes, and with two coats which is what I usually apply, your lashes will definitely stand out. The amount of volume this product adds to your lashes is incredible, but because it also separates them it looks like you actually have a lot more lashes. In terms of the lengthening effect, its also quite impressive, I felt it especially on my bottom lashes which truly looked double their size. The curl on my lashes also held up pretty well given the formula is definitely fluid but not too wet.
The wand has classic bristles but it has sort of a spiral shape and its actually quite thick. I thought this would make it quite difficult to reach the inner corners of the eye and coat all the lashes but I have to admit I was wrong. The pointed end of the mascara brush reaches the inner corner beautifully and with just one coat I was able to cover all my lashes, both top and bottom. I also loved the fact that the brush didn’t leave much residue on my lid which most mascara wands do and it separated every single lash making them look super fluttery.
The packaging as with most Too Faced products is young and fresh and feels good quality, but on this occasion the real treasure was inside the bottle.
The mascara lasted very well l throughout the day and despite it not being the waterproof version it didn’t smudge at all, so overall I am sold! I haven’t been using it long enough to know if the collagen is actually improving the condition of my lashes, but if you are looking for a mascara that gives you lots of length and a good amount of volume and separation, without the clumps then you should definitely give this one a go!

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 00.40.18.png

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