£140 Foundation Worth It? | La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation

I have had a longstanding love affair with my Touch Eclat foundation by YSL. My wedding makeup artist  was the one who introduced me to it and I loved the way it made my skin looked from the first day I used it. The YSL Touche Eclat foundation for me has the perfect balance, its not oily but it leaves your skin glowing and has a great staying power. If you have been following this blog and my Youtube channel for a while you will know I have rarely used anything else in my tutorials, but now that I had completely run out of it it was time to try out something new.
Last week I tried out the Dior Diorskin Forever foundation and I have to stay that although it lasted well throughout the day and the coverage was good, I wasn’t overly in love with the super matte finish. If you want to find out more about how I got on with it here is the link to my video, where I do an in-depth review of this foundation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw6AxqEl3fg.
Luckily I hadn’t purchased a full size bottle of the Dior Forever foundation, so I decided to try out the La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation. It is an eye wateringly expensive foundation, at a £140 a pop it does create a massive dent in your pocket, but especially if you have mature or dehydrated skin it is an absolute miracle product.

Lets start with the packaging, which as all La Prarie products is absolutely stunning and feels super luxurious. The foundation comes in a chrome and blue bottle with a built in spatula applicator and in the lid has a concealer of the same shade. Additionally you get a sponge and brush which you can fit into a mirror base so you can display it on your vanity. The packaging in my opinion is not only beautiful but also compact and practical and the brush is actually pretty good for applying concealer as it is quite small and flat. The sponge for me has no use as I would probably apply this foundation with the beauty blender and my one gripe has to be the spatula applicator. Distributing the foundation with the spatula is quite easy and it allows you to to extract all the product but it exposes it to a lot of, which is not ideal if you have acne prone skin.
On first impressions the foundation glides beautifully on to your skin as soon as you apply it and it blends seamlessly even when applied with fingers, although my favrouite finish was when I blended it out with a beauty blender. With this foundation a little definitely goes a long way, and although it has medium coverage, it is buildable so if you need more product in a particular area, you can definitely apply more without ending up with a cakey finish.
The foundation feels super comfortable on the skin and when you are applying it is almost like a light moisturiser as opposed to foundation. It is super hydrating, fills in fine lines and the skin care element to it gives a super plump finish to the skin. After applying the foundation my skin looked radiant without feeling oily.
In terms of longevity, the foundation lasted pretty well for 6 or 7 hours and it would have probably lasted longer if I didn’t have a super oily t-zone. In my opinion this foundation is definitely better suited for mature or dry skin types, although having said that I have combination skin and because my cheek area gets very dry and flaky during the winter this foundation worked brilliantly as it didn’t cling on tho any dry patches, and with powder it lasted pretty well on my t-xone, although my pores did look a little larger by the end of the day.
Finally lets talk scents. The foundation is pretty heavily scented and in my opinion smells a little like vanilla. I absolutely love the smell but if you are not one for fragrant foundations then you might not like this one.
The concealer in my opinion is nothing to write home about. Its just about ok and for the price of this product I would expect a lot more. It is slightly drying, and the coverage is medium which in my opinion is not ideal for a concealer. The only good thing about it is has a slightly salmon tint to it which is pretty good at cancelling out under eye darkness or pigmentation.
If you are thinking of splurging out on a treatement anti ageing foundation, I would say this one was my favourite out of quite a few that I tried, including the new Sisleya Le Teint foundation from Sisley. If you would like to see a video seeing how I got on with this foundation throughout a  whole day, then please let me know in the comments below!
Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 16.44.44.png
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