New Year New You? | My 2017 Goals & Resolutions

I know this is coming a bit late but this week I thought I would talk to you about my new years resolutions and the goals I have set myself for the year ahead. If you have read my last post you will know that 2016 has been very exciting year and a year of new beginnings, I started this blog, my youtube channel as well as a new company, so I’ve had quite a lot going on but I’ve loved every minute of it and hope to achieve a lot more i 2017. So this year I have set myself both personal and professional goals and few resolutions to achieve things that matter and I thought maybe by writing them down I may actually stick to them, so lets give it a go!

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Work Life Balance 
This is something I have always struggled to focus on. When I feel passionate about something I give it all my time and energy and I get so engrossed that I loose sight of everything else in life, but now that I have a family I feel it is important both for my sanity and my husbands that I try to strike a balance. This year I want to try and stick to the schedules I create, which would definitely be a change for me! I am a natural planner, I love making lists and having everything written down and organised but sticking to the schedules I create for myself is something i have always struggled with, even when I was a student. Time management has never been my forte and although I have never not delivered on a deadline I feel like I am always stressing last minute and having to pull a few all nighters and thats something I have been trying to change for years. I have improved a lot since my student days but this year I want to try and make it my purpose to try and stick to the schedules I create without getting hung up on minute details so that I can deliver professionally but also have a little time to myself and for family and friends, which I think will in turn will help me be more productive when I work.
Stop Being Such a Perfectionist and Start Focusing on the Big Picture
The last goal brings me brilliantly on to this one. The reason why most of the time I am unable to complete things in the time I allocate to them is because I am a perfectionist. I get really hung up on small details and nothing but perfect will do for me, and although this has helped me achieve a lot professionally I also think that sometimes I dedicate way too much time and effort to things that really won’t bring much benefit or which others will not even notice, and this is time i could be dedicating to other work or to myself. So I feel I need to focus more on the bigger picture and learn how to prioritise  and see whether staying up those extra 2 hours will actually be worth it.
Become an Early Riser 
I have never been much of a morning person, and anyone who has worked with me knows that in the morning its best to ignore me! But although I am not a social butterfly in the morning, ever since I was a student, if I managed to wake up early the first two hours after I woke up and that last 2 hours of the day would be by far the most productive for me. Since the start of January I have been setting my alarm for 7 am and squeezing in 2 solid hours of work before I have breakfast or even get ready for the day and I have to say this is working wonders and increasing my productivity levels tremendously. So this year I want to try and keep this up and get my days started early so I can finish work at a reasonable hour rather than keep working till 1am! I also feel that the more I do it the better it feels to be working when the sun is out, I almost feel like my days are longer!
Put Myself Out There 
Being a blogger and putting myself out on Youtube would probably not lead you to think I am a shy person, but those who know me well know I am. If you have been following this blog for a while you may know that it took a lot of encouraging from my husband to start this site and my Youtube channel because I was just too embarrassed to do it, but now that I am on it I have enjoyed every single minute of it and I have a lot to thank him for. I have also realised after setting up my company that I have developed my business so much and met some really interesting people and potential clients by just chatting with people at events, dinner parties or even at the salon and I have realised that opening yourself up socially can open so many doors and also help you meet some wonderful people who can end up becoming great friends. So one of my goals for the year ahead is networking a lot more!
This is something I have been working on for sometime and in my previous role working in events for a large investment bank I definitely improved my confidence a lot, my job involved a lot of public speaking, networking and liaison with clients so I taught myself to hide the lack of confidence I felt and slowly I have to say most of it actually disappeared. If you would like to me talk more about how i improved my confidence let me know in the comments below, because I definitely have a lot of tips.
Get More Out of My Comfort Zone 
This resolution is related to my previous point about getting out there and improving my confidence. When I started my Youtube channel I felt that doing vlogs and walking around London talking to a camera on my own is something I would never be able to do! What would people around me think!? But I have to say after having done it a couple of times I am really enjoying it, so it goes to prove that getting out of your comfort zone can be really rewarding. So this year I really want to be more experimental and try new things and be slightly more daring!
Get Fitter! 
And finally the resolution everyone has for the new year! Hit the gym! I feel like this is on my list every year and although I tend to start well, it sort of gets forgotten midway through the year. Fitness is something I have never really enjoyed, but I know its a healthy habit and I definitely love the feeling it gives you! So this year I want to try and keep a little fitter, and by no means am I saying I am going to become a gym enthusiast over night (I wish that would happen!) but I really want to try and stick to working out 3 times a week and really focus on toning up and strength training. Towards the end of last year I discovered fitness videos to do at home, and the fact that I don’t actually have to get to a gym has really helped me stick to it and actually work out. For cardio I have discovered that running or even fast walking about 9 to 10 km  3 times a week works best for me as being outdoors just energises me and motivates me a lot more than a boring treadmill in a basement.
So those are my new years resolutions, I hope you have enjoyed reading them and hopefully its given you some inspiration to achieve your goals! What do you aim to achieve next year? Let me know!
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