A Touch of Opulence | Chopard Imperiale Watch Review

If you have been following this blog for a while you may know by now that I am a huge believer in investing in key pieces that you will use for years to come and will cherish hopefully for ever. So when I am looking to buy a luxury item I usually give it a lot of thought as I hate purchasing things which I will later regret or not get much wear out of.


Something which had been on my mind for years was a luxury watch. I feel like a watch can be such a statement and take any outfit to a different level. It can really dress up a casual outfit or add a touch of extra sparkle and grandeur to a relatively simple outfit. However as we all know luxury watches are expensive so I wanted to make sure that when I picked up a piece it would be something that would make a statement but at the same time was classic and timeless. So after doing a lots of research looking at many different brands, sizes, models etc… I decided that the Chopard Imperiale collection was the perfect fit for me.

This collection by Chopard has been out for a number of years and their pieces are absolutely exquisite. Ever since I first saw it in a magazine I fell in love, their pieces ooze sophistication and they are timeless and classic but at the same time have quite a modern touch with very clean lines and with almost slightly masculine feel to it.


I love every piece in this collection but rose gold has always been a favourite, and when it came to deciding on which model was right for me the stunning emerald green dial in this watch really caught my eye. The tourmaline accents in this watch contrast beautifully against the rose gold, which gives it a touch of femininity. The alligator strap in emerald green just adds to the overall effect and the diamonds add an extra touch of sparkle and sophistication.



This watch is really unique and slightly edgy given its colour palette, but at the same time because of its clean lines and classic design its timeless and would go with pretty much any outfit. It’s definitely a statement piece and the emerald green makes it feel very opulent but given it has a leather strap I feel it has a slightly younger and more casual vibe which means its perfect to complement both day and evening looks.

Like with all Chopard timepieces the quality is impeccable and just to give you a few of the techie details, it is a self winding quartz movement watch, with sapphire crystal scratch resistant glass and a two tiered dial. This particular model has a 36mm dial and it is water resistant to 50m.


A luxury timepiece is a big investment but I think if you pick the right one it can elevate any look and it will be something you cherish for lifetime.


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