Looking Back on 2016 – How I Started My Blog

So as it is the new year I thought today I would make balance of what 2016 has been for me.


2016 has been quite a hectic year with lots of changes and some wonderful surprises along the way. My biggest risk and success this year has definitely been this blog and my Youtube channel. If you have ever read the about me section on here you may know that I worked in finance for a long time, but beauty, fashion and styling had always been a huge passion. Makeup and beauty were something I was interested ever since I was a kid, I loved to play with my mom’s lipsticks and get her to paint my nails when I was off from school. This passion continued to grow as I grew up  and I think that probably the most exciting day of my life was when I was allowed to wear proper makeup to go out for the first time. Since that day I started to hunt for every article about makeup and beauty that I could get my hands on (yes I am old and Youtube was not a thing at the time!). As I grew older I started developing more of an interest in fashion, but I have to admit I didn’t really find my own style till I was in my 20s. This is really the time I started discovering what I really liked and didn’t and what suited me and my body type. As my passion for fashion has grown I have become a lot more open to experimenting with trends always within my classic style, and the likes of Olivia Palermo (my true girl crush!) have really inspired me to try out some more adventurous looks.

But I digress…. When I was in university and at the cusp of my enthusiasm for all things beauty and fashion related I discovered Youtube and to be precise the first blogger I started following was Lisa Eldridge. Her blog was absolutely mesmerising and I have to confess I spent a lot of hours procrastinating on it (when I should really have been studying for my exams!), but she was a true professional makeup artist so it never really crossed my mind that I could do something like that and it wasn’t till much later that I discovered the wonderful Fleur from FleurdeForce and Amelia from Amelia Liana. They are still some of my favourite bloggers and discovering them was a real turning point for me. It was the first time I was seeing normal people just like myself doing videos sharing makeup techniques, tricks, talking about the products they loved and what clothes they were wearing and I have to say from the second I discovered this I was completely hooked!

I could binge watch these videos for hours and at the back of my head I always thought, I would love to do something like this, share with everyone all the tips and tricks I know or tell them about my latest great product discovery. Amongst my friends I was always the go to person when they wanted to find out about what brush should they buy to apply their foundation or they would ask me to do their makeup on a special night out or help them shop when they wanted a wardrobe make over, so I always thought I wish I could help more people with this, people who aren’t necessarily in my immediate friend circle. But the reality is I was always too shy and although I really wanted to to it, I was far to scared to get in front of a camera or write something that everyone would be able to see.


So for years I toyed with the idea but never really took the plunge, but last January when I was on a career break after getting married my husband told me ‘Its now or never, just do it! Now you have the time and theres nothing to loose, just give it a go and if it doesn’t work,well it will just be a fun experience’ and given I could no longer find excuses of not having enough time to do this, I decided to go ahead and just START!

I am now so thankful that I got that pep talk! It has been an amazing year, I have met so many wonderful people and although I can’t say this blog and Youtube channel hasn’t taken an incredible amount of my time and a lot of hard work, I truly believe it has all been worth it. When anyone leaves a comment on my videos, blog or social media and says a product has truly helped them, or they have tried out a makeup look and they really liked it, that just really makes my day. I know this blog and my Youtube channel is still very small and there are so many things I hope to be able to do one day, but I am super thankful to every single one of you who has been following me and has supported my work. Thanks to all of you Jasmina Bharwani has been ranked amongst the Top 50 Makeup and Beauty blogs of 2016 by Feedspot and that has truly been such an honour. So I thank you once again, and I hope you enjoy all the exciting stuff I have for you in 2017.

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