My Secret to Stronger & Glossier Hair | Living Proof Restore Mask

My posts about hair care seem to be a bit of a favourite on here so I thought I would tell you about my latest product discovery. I recently ran out of my keratin Kerastasse masque and thought I would try a new product instead. As you probably know if you have been following this blog for a while, whenever I wash my hair I like to apply a mask instead of conditioner as I feel it leaves my hair feeling a lot more nourished and hydrated, and having coloured hair I definitely need the extra moisture!


I had heard great things about Living Proof products but had never actually tried any, so when I walked into Space NK (my idea of paradise!) and I saw they had a restorative mask, which claimed to nourish and condition hair to help regain strength, body and shine I had to give it a go and I have to say I have absolutely loved it!


The mask does exactly what it describes and leaves your hair feeling deeply hydrated and silky smooth but without weighing it down. The mask feels quite thick almost like a creamy balm and although I applied a generous amount on mid lengths and ends, when I blow dried my hair it didn’t look oily or flat and actually had a great amount of bounce and body. My hair also looked incredibly shiny and when I touched it it had silky feeling which I hadn’t experienced for a very long time! I could literally run my fingers through it and it was super easy to detangle after washing it, which was a huge bonus because my hair is usually very knotty.


The mask uses  revolutionary technology whereby a moisture controlling molecule ‘PolyfluoroEster’ restores the damaged protective layer in dry and damaged hair, smoothing out the cuticle. I am of course not sure how much this mask actually repaired my hair but it definitely left it feeling really smooth, with visibly less split ends and a super glossy finish.


I use the mask once a week after shampooing and leave it on for about 5-10 minutes and then rinse it off, but if you want a more intensive treatment you could definitely leave it over night.

I hope you give this one a go, it is definitely a great mask specially if you have coloured hair!

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