Festive Glow | Impearlescent Voile De Pearle By Terry

Lately I have been loving a dewy look on my face and I don’t know if its because days have become so dark and miserable or because my skin itself has become more dull given the lack of sunlight and that I have been unwell for quite a while and its all starting to show; but whatever the reason may be my setting powders have just not been doing it for me over the last month!


I have always been a fan of matte looking skin and I always thought this suited me better, given my natural skin type if quite oily and I was always petrified I would start looking like a disco ball in the middle of the day if I didn’t set my foundation properly.However, over the past few weeks whenever I did my makeup I always felt it looked much better before I applied setting powder. I had recently started to bake my makeup (If you don’t know what baking is, I have linked a video tutorial I did a few weeks ago below), this definitely made it last longer and look brighter but the areas in which I baked looked very very matte, which meant that after I set the rest of my face my look was just too cakey and flat and, frankly my skin looked like I had a mask on – not a good look!

I initially tried not setting the rest of my face and baking only underneath the eyes, and on the other areas where I used highlighter I would only dust a little bit of Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder with a brush. However on the areas where I didn’t set my foundation,  I found that when I applied my powder contour it wouldn’t blend well and would cling on to dry patches and my foundation would end up fading throughout the day, so obviously this wasn’t working !


After a lot of thought, (I lie really!), after watching a video from Lydia Millen (I have linked her channel below – she gives some amazing recommendations) she recommended a new By Terry powder which was almost like an improved version of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder. It was supposed to set your makeup and give you a very soft glow, which made your skin look dewy and hydrated without making it look overly shimmery or oily, so I thought this was definitely something I needed to try and boy was I onto something good!


The By Terry Impearlious Voile De Pearle, is the best glowing setting powder I have every tried. It is super finely milled which means its hardly noticeable on the skin and has the most perfect glow. It doesn’t actually have any glitter in it so the result is very subtle but it leaves your skin looking super healthy and natural. It is actually marketed as a highlighter but in my opinion it is too subtle for a highlighter, like Lydia mentioned it is more of an all over setting powder for those who want a dewy finish.

From Left to Right – All 3 Shades Mixed – Pinky Pearly Sahde – Bronzer Shade – Yellowish Highlight Shade 

The powder is made up of three parts a pinkish pearly shade, a soft yellowish pearly shade and a subtle glowing bronzing shade. Because the pigments are quite soft I mix all three together and they give the perfect glow to my olive skin tone, but if you are very fair I guess you could use all three shades separately – the pink shade as an all over setting powder, the yellowish shade to set any highlighter and the bronzer shade to warm up your complexion. If you are closer to a medium skin tone, or any darker I would recommend using all three shades mixed in together.


The packaging of this product, as with all by Terry products is stunning and very luxurious. As you can see in the pictures the design on the pan is beautiful and the product comes in rose gold packaging and in a velvet case which gives it a super luxurious feel and makes it the perfect gift for any beauty lovers this Christmas.


The only down side with this product I would have to say is the price point, like with all By Terry products this powder comes with a hefty price tag of £46.00 but I must say I think it worth every penny and because its a limited edition if you want to splurge this Christmas I would recommend getting your hands on it as soon as possible.


Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 10.52.15.png

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Face Baking | Super Long Lasting Makeup Techniques

Lydia Elise Millen


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