Skincare Discovery | Clarisonic MIA 2 Cleansing System

I feel like I haven’t done a skin care post in a very long time, so today I want to tell you about my latest acquisition – the Clarisonic MIA 2 sonic brush. I had heard so many people talking about this for a very long time, but I haven’t had a great experience with face brushes in the past and I usually find they are just too harsh on my sensitive skin and I just end up breaking out much more than if I did’t use them, so I have to admit I was a little bit hesitant to try this one out. However,  after hearing a friend tell me her wonderful experience with it yet again, I decided to take the plunge and splurge almost £90 on this hopefully magical face tool.


I wasn’t expectng miracles and all I wanted was that after splurging all that cash it atleast wouldn’t break me out. I purchased the Clarisonic MIA Cleansing System which at the moment is the smallest sonic brush they have. The product claims to give you beautiful looking skin through the use of ‘patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second’ which ‘cleans, softens and smoothes skin’. The product packaging promises to remove 6 times makeup than if you were to use you hands alone, hence leaving your pores cleaner and your skin more receptive to absorb any serums and or treatment creams you use as part of your routine.

The product is very quick and simple to use, you only need a minute and the machine beeps every time you need to move the brush to a different area of your face. The program is designed for the brush to clean your nose and chin area first for 20 seconds, then your forehead for 20 seconds and finally 20 seconds on each cheek. I love the fact that the machine lets you know when to switch over because this means you don’t overly irritate any area,  and it also makes sure that because its such a simple additional step you are not inclined to miss it as part of your cleansing routine. The ergonomic design of the machine is also fantastic as its really easy to grip on to it and manoeuvre around your face to make sure you get into even the smallest area for e.g. around the nose. Finally I love the fact that it is super compact, comes in a very handy case AND is waterproof which means its super easy to travel with and you can even use it in the shower, plus it only needs to be charged about once a month!

So in terms of the physical features of the machine I was all happy, BUT (and it was a very big BUT), obviously my biggest concern was how it performed on my skin and what results I got.


I started to use the machine in the slowest speed (there are 2 options available) with the brush head it comes with, which i believe is the one they have for sensitive skin (this head has to be replaced every 3 months and they have a varitey of options in terms of the strength of the bristles so you can choose what ever is more appropriate for your skin type) and I have to say it felt really gentle, even when it was vibrating. I didn’t use it with cleanser included in the Clarisonic pack and instead used my usual La Roche Posay Toleriane cream cleanser, as I have stopped using any cleansers with soap content in them because these tend to break me out. I have to admit, the results so far have been really good and I haven’t had any breakouts apart from my usual hormonal ones and when I went for a facial a couple of weeks ago, when performing the extractions my therapist did say my skin seemed a lot cleaner than  usual so it must working!


I have been using the Clarisonic only at night as my third cleanse, I first use my hands to spread the Toleriane cleanser on my face (including my eyes) and then use a large cotton pad to remove my makeup, following this I go in with a makeup wipe to make sure I clean my neck area and areas around my forehead which I might not have cleaned properly with the cleanser and then with the same clearer and the Clarisonic brush slightly damp I work  the product into my skin and then remove the product with a cotton pad once again. To finish off I just rinse my face of with water and then follow with a toner, treatment oil, etc…


So far like I mentioned earlier my skin does seem visibly cleaner, with less blackheads which I am extremely prone to, especially on my t-zone and it feels smooth and less flaky so overall I am very happy with the results, and although it is a splurge if you have acne or blackhead prone skin I must say it is definitely a good investment. The product is also fantastic because it massages your skin, which means it great for maintaining its easlticity and firmness and to make it more cost effective you could share this product with your mom, sister or even husband/boyfriend, just buy two brush heads, so you can each have your own and this way you can all have more beautiful skin!!


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