Bulgari Mon Jasmine Noir | Fragrance Review

Today I have somewhat of a different post. I feel like I post a lot of makeup and skin care reviews but today I wanted to tell you about my favourite perfume, Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir. I feel like most bloggers talk about brands like Jo Malone, Diptique and other scent specific brands, but most of us tend to purchase more mainstream brands which are easily available at airports and at Boots counters.


Bulgari is a brand which I feel is quite underrated and I don’t hear many bloggers talking or writing about it, but their scents are some of my favourites in the market and out of all of them the star for me has to be Mon Jasmin Noir.


Bulgari launched this scent around 2008 and ever since my husband first bought this for me when he was travelling it has been a staple on my vanity. To begin with the packing is absolutely stunning, it has changed over the years but the shape of the bottle has always remained the same, it comes in a fairly compact rectangular shaped bottle with beautiful clean slightly rounded lines gives it slight of masculinity, which gives it a very elegant grown up look. Simplicity remains a the core of this fragrance both in the packaging and in the scent itself.  The latest bottle I got is transparent with the lid in black with gold accents, and I love how luxurious it looks!


Moving on to the actual scent, I am not a big fan of overly feminine floral scents I tend to like more musky, subtle and sometimes even masculine scented fragrances and this one for me is the perfect blend. Although the jasmine scent is fairly prominent, there are notes of vanilla and almond which come through very clearly making it more of woody scent and hence not overly sweet or floral. These notes give the fragrance a very adult and sexy feel perfect for use in the evening and over the winter or fall months.

My only gripe with this perfume would have to be the lasting power. Although the scent is strong when you first apply it, it does fade fairly quickly leaving only a very subtle trail after a few hours. However if you don’t like fragrances which are too intense and you want something slightly floral yet wit a sophisticated sexy feel to it, I would definitely recommend you check this one out!

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