Colour Correctors | Tarte CC Undereye Corrector vs. YSL Touche Eclat Corrector

Correctors are the definitely the new ‘IT’ thing in the market. These were definitely a more specialised makeup product in the past,  which seemed to be only for professional makeup artists, but in the last year they have become a lot more mainstream and both high end and drugstore brands have launched a number of products to correct all sorts of imperfections.


My first dabble into correctors was with the Tarte CC Undereye Corrector which I tried almost a year ago and I have been loyal to that ever since. It is a creamy concealer type corrector in a salmon shade and it comes in a pan format. I really love the shade range and it definitely brightens my very intense underage circles, but I do feel the texture is quite thick and gloopy so if I am not careful it can end up looking a little cakey under my concealer. However, the thick texture does mean that this product has a lot of coverage which helps in terms of hiding the under darkness and in turn means I need to use less concealer. Finally the shade range is not ideal, I ind the lighter shade can end up looking a little chalky on my skin tone and I sometimes need to use a little red lipstick to darken it, but their darkest shade is way too dark for me.


Recently I decided to try out another product so I could compare, as the Tarte CC Corrector was definitely a good product but I wasn’t 100% happy and after hearing much hype I decided to go for the YSL Touche Eclat Neutraliser. This product comes in the iconic golden pen packaging of the touch éclat and is therefore super easy to apply as the pen already has an inbuilt brush. The product is a lot lighter in texture so it offers hardly no coverage and it literally only corrects the shade of your under eye. I did find that the application was a lot easier both because of the texture and the packing and the shade was slightly darker than the Tarte CC corrector in light but not as dark as the dark shade of this product, so a perfect match for my olive skin tone. The product did come off a little streaky at first, but it blended beautifully just using fingers, although because the texture was quite thin I did find it almost disappeared and didn’t conceal as much as the Tarte corrector.


So what is my overall verdict?  Although a little thicker and more troublesome to apply as you have to use a brush, I would say I still prefer the Tarte CC Corrector, as it offers more coverage, is therefore more long lasting and if you have normal to oily skin it blends in beautifully if you apply a very thin layer. I tend to buff in the product with a synthetic concealer brush first and then blend out with fingers and a damp beauty blender. The YSL shade however is a better match for my skin tone and if you do not have very dark under eye circles or don’t mind using a bit more concealer then the YSL would be better, but slightly pricier choice as it retails for £25.00 a pop.

Let me know if you have fallen into the colour correcting trend, and if you have what are your favourite products?

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YSL Touche Eclat Neutraliser (Abricot Bisque)
Tarte CC Underye Corrector 

3 thoughts on “Colour Correctors | Tarte CC Undereye Corrector vs. YSL Touche Eclat Corrector

  1. Great comparison! I didn’t know YSL has color corrector. I have the regular touche eclat which is very sheer. I first thought it was a concealer but it more of an illuminator.

    For extra dark undereye circles I also like the Bobi Brown corrector.



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