Summer Staples – Sunscreen!

Finding a good sunscreen has probably been my biggest beauty struggle.  As you may know if you have been following this blog for a while, my skin is combination but on the t-zone it is very much on the oily side, so most sunscreens brake me out. In the recent years there have been more and more oil free sunscreens coming on to the market but my biggest problem with sunscreens is their texture. Despite being oil-free a lot of them still feel very sticky and don’t sit very well under makeup. I also feel like many of them including those which claim to have a thin texture like Benefit’s Dream Screen, still make my skin feel very heavy and my pores feel clogged, which is not a great feeling especially when you already have very oily skin.


Like I said earlier I have tried both high end and drugstore and mostly all oil free and light textured sunscreens,  but I have to say after years of hunting around for a good product to protect me from the sun, I have found my match from a brand I really have never used much before and this is the Elizabeth Arden. Their 8 Hour Cream Sun Defence is a dream product, a little on the pricier side for a sunscreen, it is definitely worth every penny! It is oil free, acts a moisturiser as well as a sunscreen which means you don’t have to apply as much product on your skin, sits beautifully under make, does not leave a heavy feeling on the skin or a white cast and offers very high protection to prevent hyper pigmentation and harmful UV rays.


I had always heard great things about the 8 Hour range from Elizabeth Arden but had never really thought about trying it out as I felt it was directed to more mature skin, but last summer I forgot my sunscreen when I travelled to Spain and I borrowed my mother’s 8 hour Cream Sun Defence and I loved it! The texture is that of a cream and its definitely not runny or overly milky but I actually quite like this as it makes it a lot easier to apply and its still easy to blend in. Despite the texture being so creamy this product feels like it lets your skin breathe and it hasn’t broken me out.

When you first apply the product, it does leave a slightly sticky feeling for a couple of second but quickly sinks in to the skin leaving the skin plump and moisturised, so its a great base under makeup. The cream does have quite a strong medicinal kind of smell, so if you don’t like overly scented products this might not be one for you. Finally last but most definitely not least the 8 hour Sunscreen has SPF 50 which for my pigmentation prone skin is idyllic. South Asian skin is very prone to getting sun damage and pigmentation so it is very important to always wear some sort of sun protection when you are walking out. During the winter I wear a moisturiser with SPF and a BB cream with SPF 30 under my foundation, but for the summer when the sun is stronger I definitely feel like I need a little boost and the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Sun Defence is definitely everything I look for in a sunscreen!

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