Arm Candy | Louis Vuitton Capucines MM


If you have been following me for a while you must know by now that my absolute favourite accessory is a handbag. I love them in all colours, shapes and sizes but most of the time I tend to go for classic timeless designs, as they are a big investment and I would be devastated if I couldn’t use them after a couple of years.

I went through a phase when all my designer bags were large bags to carry on the crook of your arm and recently I started opting for smaller bags which I could carry cross body or over my shoulder, I felt that although I couldn’t accommodate as many things inside, they were easier to carry and a lot trendier. However, when I got this beautiful Louis Vuitton Capucines MM bag my love for classic totes came rushing back. So here is a little review on this fabulous classic.




The bag is very structured and quite rigid but its still very roomy inside. It has two large compartments inside with a zipped pocket in the middle, which is super useful for any important documents or to keep money,etc… The bag also has a small pocket at the back to keep any cards or smaller items. The handle is not too large and is quite firm and sturdy which allows the bag to sit perfectly on the crook of your arm without, or alternatively you can carry it in your hand. I personally love the fact that the bag has a hard base as this means it keeps its shape even if its very full and this helps it keep newer for longer.


I took this bag in the medium size, which for my height (5’5) is perfect, as it gives me enough space to fit in everything I need – including a laptop – without it overpowering my whole look and drowning me.


The bag is finished in taurillon caviar leather which gives it a very elegant yet understated feel and it also means it is very durable given it won’t mark or scratch easily, making it  the perfect handbag for work or travelling. I chose a pale nude pink shade, which I love as its still a very neutral shade which compliments any outfit perfectly but also has a hint of colour which makes it perfect for spring and summer. Unlike most of my other bags, this one has all its hardware in silver, which you may know by now is very unlike me, but in this case I loved the luminosity and freshness it brought to this pastel pink look. I also felt that given the bag had a very classic shape the silver hardware would give it a younger vibe.


The design of the bag is absolutely stunning I love the rings holding the handle which give it a very contemporary feel and last but most definitely not least the versatility of the flap. The flap can be worn both tucked inside to reveal the Louis Vuitton initials or can be left out to show the flower logo giving it a much more subtle look, so its almost like having 2 bags in one!




If I had to make a complaint about this bag it would be the weight, its very heavy even when its empty, which is probably due to its rigid structure, so you do have to mindful of how much you fill it up. Finally, it is quite hard to get in and out of it if you close the metal clasp that holds the bag together, but if you tuck the flap inside you probably won’t need to use this.



On the whole though I think this bag is a great investment piece which is bound to stand the test of time in every way!


Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 14.14.59.png 

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