Accessories Galore at LFW

So you might think that London Fashion Week is all about the clothes, but surprisingly enough I actually discovered a lot about accessories when I went this year. I have been meaning to write this post for quite a while but I never actually ended up getting round to it, so today I finally want to tell you about some of the amazing accessory brands I discovered during LFW.

This year I was able to attend LFW with a  press pass which meant I was able to gain access to the designer showrooms and it is here I discovered a whole new world of accessories.

I have always been a big fan of accessorising, I think doing it correctly can really elevate a look and make even the simplest outfit gain a touch of glamour. Lately I have been loving chunky gold accesories with quite graphic lines so it was no surprise that I absolutely fell in love with the brand Edge of Ember when I saw their designs. I loved their contemporary gold designs with geometric shapes. All of their pieces were very simple yet impactful and I felt they would really make a statement no matter what they were worn with. Their designs counteracted the more mature look of gold with clean lines and simple shapes , giving off a young yet elegant vibe. I felt all of their jewellery could be carried through from day to evening effortlessly, which makes them the perfect investment piece.


Another brand which I absolutely fell in love with was Completedworks. They are a London based jewellery brand and again focus on high quality contemporary jewellery, both fine jewellery and sterling silver. Once again a lot of their work was in gold, but what really caught my eye with this brand was their use of marble. I had never come across before and this gave their otherwise classic pieces a purist element and a real edge, making it truly a unique statement piece. I loved the way they combined the rougher marble pieces with delicate diamond settings, making every piece look elegant but still young and fresh. Once again their lines were clean and simple, yet still feminine and delicate.


Another brand that caught my eye was Missoma. I absolutely loved their bracelets both their cuff styles and the more delicate chain bracelets. Their use of gem stones and pearls was  fabulous and it gave a touch of felinity and fun to otherwise very structured pieces.


Finally for accessories, a brand which I discovered at LFW and which I have been spotting everywhere ever since, is Florian. They had the most fabulous leather handbags! I loved how they had given their classic timeless designs a touch of fun by adding prints and laser cut designs. the quality of the bags seemed incredible and I loved their chunky gold hardware. A real standout for me was their chain bag similar in style to the classic Chanel but for a fraction of the price!


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