Instant Look In A Palette by Charlotte Tilbury | Product Review

Ever since Charlotte Tilbury’s brand launched, I have to confess I have been hooked. It is the one brand where I could say I love every product I have tried and from which I could commit to using exclusively almost every single one of their products. Recently whilst browsing Youtube I came across a tutorial which Pixiwoo did with Charlotte herself, where she presented some of the new launches for spring and when I saw the Instant Look in a Palette, I just thought to myself – I have to have this in my life!


If you follow me on Youtube, you will have seen my recent haul video – if you haven’t go check it out (link below) – Today I am going to give you a more in-depth review of the Instant Look Palette, because although its format isn’t ground breaking I seriously think it is one of the best palettes I own.


The palette consists of three eyeshadows – a matte brightening creamy pink shade, an enhance soft shimmering champagne shade and a smoke light to medium cool mocha brown shade – I have swatched all three below. Firstly I absolutely love the shade selection, they are perfect for a simple super quick everyday look but at the same time you can build them up slightly if you had to take your office look through to the evening. My absolute favourite shade is the cool mocha brown smoke shade, I think it the perfect shade to define your crease without making it look too dramatic, it gives you more definition and makes our eyes look as if they were naturally deeper set. To be honest this eyeshadow was the main reason why I bought this palette!

Smoke Shade
Enhance Shade
Brighten Shade
Eye Shadow Swatches 

The eyeshadows are buttery and super easy to blend, but they are slightly less pigmented than those in her normal eyeshadow palettes. Given the shades are very neutral this isn’t a problem because they still show up beautifully on the eyes and it does help if you are using the palette on the go or in a rush because there is absolutely no fallout and its super easy to blend. The highlight for me has to be that these eyeshadows are super long lasting without having to apply a primer underneath. I suffer from very oily eyelids and I applied these directly on to my lids and they lasted for a good 8 hours with absolutely no creasing.



The palette also includes a smaller version of Charlotte’s famous bronze and glow palette, although the shades are slightly different to those in the original. When I first tried the original palette I did like it, however I found that the bronze shade was more of a bronzer than a contour for me. It was pigmented enough, but the shade was too warm for my liking and because it had shimmer running through it I found it wasn’t great for creating a shadow effect. The highlight on the other hand was beautiful and I loved it’s golden shade, but given it was very shimmery I found that sometimes in day light it could end up looking a little too glittery on my skin.


This new version of the bronze and glow palette, has a cooler brown shade to contour but it still has shimmer, so for me although I like the shade its a little bit too light and not matte enough for a proper contour. Perhaps if your skin is lighter than mine it might work better, and on the plus side it is super easy to blend, has a good level of pigmentation without being excessive and is easily buildable. Despite not liking it as a contouring powder, I think it works really well in this palette as it provides a soft contour which is great if you are on the go, if you are a newbie to contouring or if you like to add a subtle definition to your face.


The highlighting powder on the other hand is absolutely perfect! It still has a golden undertone, which for someone with olive skin like myself works perfectly and although it has a golden shimmer running through the product it isn’t as glittery as the original, which makes it perfect for the day time giving you a lit from within glow.

Swish Shade
Pop Shade
1. Highlight 2. Contour 3. Pop Shade 4. Swish Shade (Top to Bottom)

There are also 2 cheek colours in this palette, a more dusky pink swish shade and a lighter more rosy pop shade. If you are familiar with Charlotte’s blushes you will know that she always has a swish shade which you are meant to apply over your cheek bone and a pop shade to enhance the apples of your cheeks. Like with all her other blushes these are nicely pigmented but not excessively so that you don’t go over board, they are buidlable, easy to blend, have a beautiful subtle golden shimmer running through them and are super long lasting. A lot of blushes tend to fade and separate making my skin look patchy as the day goes by, but I have never had this problem with any of Charlotte’s blushes they remain almost intact and if they fade a little after about 6 hours they fade completely evenly which means if I re-apply my skin doesn’t look patchy. The shades in this palette are also super versatile and you can combine the colours to make it slightly more or less pink, which means it would suit any skin tone.


Finally the packaging as with all Charlotte Tilbury products, is fantastic. The palette is in the signature burgundy plastic packaging  with golden accents and although quite large because you get a decent amount of product, it is still quite compact. For me the best thing about the packing was the extra large mirror which makes it perfect to apply all the products on the go!

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In a Palette 

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