On the Hunt for the Perfect Mascara

I love long voluminous lashes and I think they make the biggest difference to your overall look. Together with concealer and bronzer, mascara has to be one of the most essential products in my makeup kit. However, over the years I have really struggled to find a mascara that I have truly fallen in love with. I have tried both high end and drugstore and although I always end up buying into the marketing overtime a new mascara comes into the market, I have to say that sadly I am disappointed most of the time and end up going back to my one and only favourite the MaxFactor False Lash Effect.

I have been using this mascara for atleast 8 years now and although I have given others a try they have all failed to perform as well as this one.



In my latest quest to find the perfect mascara I tried the Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama. After seeing the advert on TV and the claims it made to making eyelashes look better than when you applied falsies, I really made me want to give it a go. I have to admit the first time I applied it I was really impressed because of the thickness it gave to my lashes, they almost looked like I had applied a set of falsies! However, because of the extremely wet formula when I applied a second coat, my lashes started to clump up and the curl started to drop. I ended up having to go through my lashes with a clean spooly to remove all the clumps, which actually ended up taking away most of the drama. After a couple of uses as the formula started to become thicker the clumping got worse and what seemed like love at first site ended up in a break up! I must say though I do love the thinner brush, as it really lets you get into those corner lashes.



Before my brief love affair with the Maybelline Push Up Drama I had tried out Lights Camera Flashes by Tarte, after seeing how wonderful it looked on Fleur de Force (she has the most amazing lashes!) It was actually quite hard to get hold of this mascara in the UK and I asked my best friend to get it over from New York when she came to visit me last summer. My first impression of this mascara was not actually that great, it didn’t seem to give my lashes that much volume and the plastic bristles on the brush although they were great at separating the lashes and leaving no clumps, they actually poked at my eyes when I wiggled the mascara wand at the root of my lashes. Overtime though I have to say that as the formula got a little bit thicker I liked this mascara more and more but I still can’t get over the fact that it hurts my eyes every time I apply it and it does tend to have fallout which means I end up with black spots smudged over my face thought the day – not a good look!

Along the way I have tried the YSL Doll Eyes eyes a couple of the Lancome formulas, the Loreal million lashes and although they have all worked to give my lashes volume and length I find they all have too much fall out and they also  dry up really quickly, which for the higher end mascaras just means I can’t justify the cost.



Anyway after this long rant my conclusion is that no matter what mascara I try I always end up going  back to my original favourite the Max Factor False Lash Effect. I love this mascara in all its variations, the thick plastic brush is fantastic (although sometimes it can make it a little hard to get into the corners), as well as the formula, it adds volume, perhaps not as much as the Maybelline Push Up Drama but still a good amount, without my lashes clumpy, which means I can use it on my bottom lashes aswell.  It also lengthens the most and  I also find the formula isn’t too wet so it helps my lashes hold the curl and it doesn’t dry out too quickly which means I end up using most of the product. Its also a very buildable product wihich means I can add quite a few coats on my top lashes to build up the drama. And finally the absolute highlight for me has to be there is no fallout and it doesn’t smudge even when I use the non waterproof formula, which mans it stays put all day and you don’t have to worry about those dreaded panda eyes.

Please note on the pictures showing how the mascara looks when worn, I am not wearing any other makeup except for  3 coats of the product and my eyelashes have not been curled 

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