Weekly Hair Routine

I think the question I most get asked is what I do with my hair to keep it looking beautiful and healthy and when I give people my answer they tend to be quite surprised, so today I thought I would let you in on my secret, and that is I only wash my hair once a week! Most people are quite shocked when I say this and their reaction is, but how do you keep it looking so voluminous and non greasy looking for that long? So here it goes.


I have been washing my hair only once a week for quite a few years, and I have quite an oily scalp so to upkeep my hair in between washes my secret is dry shampoo. Washing my hair once a week keeps my hair nourished, as I am not constantly stripping it from its natural oils, which means my hair is in a healthier condition. Moreover given my hair is actually quite curly and I never leave it in its natural state, washing it only once again means I don’t damage it by using too much heat on it, as I only style it once a week.

Getting to this stage does take some time and if you do have an oily scalp like me at first you will have to go through letting your hair be a little dirty for a few weeks, as the more you wash it the oilier you scalp gets, so if you have been washing your hair on a daily basis or every couple of days for years it will take a while for the hair to adjust to its new condition and for the scalp to stop generating that much sebum. But please stick to this  routine and I promise you will see results!

When I do wash my hair I give it three shampoos and I always use a clarifying shampoo making sure I do scrub well on my scalp without damaging it of course. It is important to do this so that you keep your hair cleanest for the longest time and to ensure you remove all the product build up from the whole week. When I wash my hair I also make sure I use deep conditioning treatements specially on the mid-lengths of my hair. To style it I blow dry it usig a round brush and I make sure I blow-dry it  until it is completely dry to make sure it will stay put for the whole week.


To upkeep my hair inbetween washes like I mentioned earlier, I use a dry shampoo I tend to use this after about 4 days of washing my hair and its sees me through till the end of the week. My absolute favourute is the Klorane Dry Shampoo, it is gentle on the scalp as it contains oat milk, but at the same time it is designed specifically for oily hair so it really absorbs all the grease on your scalp making your hair look as if you had just washed it. It also adds quite a quite a lot of volume which gives that freshness back to your mane! To enhance the effect of the dry shampoo when I style my hair to go out I always back comb the hair at my crown and spray it down to make sure it has more volume and bounce.


When using the dry shampoo, I tend to spray it on my roots and leave it on for atleast 20 minutes before I brush it off. I must advise you though, you need to make sure you really brush you hair throughly after the 2o minutes as this product leaves a lot of white residue and you don’t want to walk out with white patches on your hair!

I hope this helped you shorten your hair routine but still rock beautiful hair the whole week!

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