Lipstick Love

Red lipstick can be quite daunting to wear especially when you know you are going out for a meal and you think you might just end up looking like a clown with lipstick smudged all over your face, I talk from experience! Lip stains have been around for a while, but I was always apprehensive to try these long lasting lipsticks, as I have really dry lips and I thought this would dry them out even more and they would end up looking chapped and flaky – not a good look!


Recently however, I decided to take the plunge and I gave the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in the colour Always Red a go after hearing so many beauty bloggers rave about it, and I have to say I am SOLD!

I  love everything about this product!


For starters the colour is the perfect red for spring and summer, its a classic bright red, not too orange but not too dark either and it suits my olive complexion perfectly, as it brings a lot of luminosity to my face. The texture is fabulous, its completely matte – very on-trend at the moment, but it isn’t drying it all and it doesn’t accentuate any dry patches on my lips.

I also love the fact that its buildable. A lot of long lasting lip stains/creams get flaky and patchy once you apply more than one layer but this one doesn’t and although one coat is enough to fully cover your lips, it does give you the option to apply a few more layers to build up the intensity, although you do have to make sure you wait for each layer to be completely dry before you apply the next one.

Finally, the absolutely best quality and the reason why I bought this, it is super long lasting! I wore this out for a birthday meal and after eating and drinking my lips were intact! The lipstick did not budge the whole day and lasted well into the evening, I must admit though I had applied lip liner beneath it.


My only gripe with this lip stain would have to be the doe foot applicator. Although it is a standard one, like you get in most lip glosses I find that with bold colours I like a very precise application around the edge of my lips and I can’t achieve this unless I use a brush and unfortunately when you apply the cream with the brush the product looks slightly uneven, but I must say for all the advantages this product has I am wiling to give lipstick application a few extra minutes!

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