How To Get Glowing Skin – Part 2

Firstly I would like to apologise for not uploading much last week but I have been feeling a little under the weather, but now I am back in full form and today I have a for you the second part to my Glowing Skin Post.

In the last post I spoke about exfoliating and how important this is for ensuring optimal skin cell renewal. In this post I want to talk about my favourite mask to follow after exfoliating, which is almost an all in one. It is the Skin Goddess Clay Mask by Charlotte Tilbury.

I love clay masks because they deep cleanse the skin and tighten your pores, however most of them can leave your skin feeling tight and dehydrated which eventually can lead to breakouts if you have very oily skin, given your skin will start to produce excess oil. This clay mask however is one of a kind, as despite having all the properties other clay masks have, it is also hydrating and leaves your skin feeling plump and moisturised. This mask contains a unique mixture of almond oil and Spanish clay, as well as some other soothing ingredients which stop my very sensitive skin from flaring up.

Previously I would have said you should only use a clay mask regularly if you have very oily skin, but with the Skin Goddess Clay Mask I would say anyone can use it and benefit from its cleansing, pore tightening and hydrating properties. I use this once every fortnight and alternate it with hydrating masks as well as with a stronger clay mask once every 2 months, given I have acne and blackhead prone skin and need a deeper cleanse once in a while.

I hope you give this a go and please let me know your thoughts or if you have any other great recommendations!


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