The Perfect Pout

Happy Monday Everyone!!

I thought I would start the week by telling you about a new discovery I’ve made! I know its taken me a while to catch up with the trend but I have only just recently fallen in love with the Kylie Jenner pout. After hearing bloggers rave about it for months I never really quite got the hype until I saw the recent Dubai ‘Shop with Us Video’ by the stunning Lailli from Pintsized Fashionista, and I absolutely fell in love with way her lips looked. I loved the colour and the fullness which it gave her lips so I decided it was time to change up my lip routine and try something new.

I have been using the same lip liner combo for years and I always felt like when I used a very lighter lip liner around the borders of my lip it kind of washed me out, so I always went back to the Rimmel Capuccino Liner which is a medium brown shade. This lip liner is amazing, however it made most lighter lipstick shades look a beige brown shade no  matter what colour they were to begin with.

This time I decided to take Tijan Serena’s recommendation (if you don’t follow her you must she has some awesome lip recommendations) and go for the Soar Lip Liner from MAC to achieve the Kylie Jenner look. I teamed this up with Max Factor Elixir Lip Liner in Brown & Nude which in my opinion is a great dupe for Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk and a recent favourite, Nars Audacious Lipstick in the shade Anita and OMG the result was incredible!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.48.18.png

As you can see in the picture above my lips looked super full and I was able to overline  quite significantly in the corners which are very thin specially in my top lip and get a super natural looking full lip. I used Mac Soar to overline and define the shape of my lips and then filled them in except for at the centre where I filled them in using MaxFactor Brown & Nude I then did two layers of Nars Anita and then went over teh whole lip with Mac Soar to give it a completely matte look.

Let me know what your recommendations are for a full & sexy pout and don’t forget to follow this blog for regular email updates!

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