Clear Skin on a Budget

I have always had oily skin and since my early teens it has never been completely blemish free. I never had a serious acne problem but always had some sort of breakout and I was ready to try absolutely everything out there. Over the years I changed my skincare routine a gazillion times and although some products worked at the beginning after a couple of months my skin would be back to normal and really all I did was make the existing breakout go away sooner but I could never really stop new ones from coming.

One day my mother’s friends mentioned her daughter who had severe acne had tried a cream by a very small company called ‘Paquita D’ors’ which had absolutely changed her skin. They only used natural ingredients, did absolutely no advertising and the company was run by a rather interesting 80 year old lady. It all sounded a bit peculiar at first but I was game to try anything so I thought I would give this a go but I must admit, I didn’t have high hopes.

I wentIMG_2446-2.JPG to the store, it all looked very 60s and the packaging  was nothing to rave about but still I thought I’d give it a go given the products were super affordable . The shop assistant examined my skin under a magnifying glass and recommended a full skincare routine trying to incorporate products I already had so I wouldn’t have to buy a ton of stuff. She recommended I stopped using any kind of soap or foam cleanser  (this made the biggest difference!!) and stuck to a cleansing lotion, she also suggested I apply water as little as possible on my face. As new products, she gave me a camomile water based toner to calm my skin after cleansing and a moisturiser which would help tackle my blemish problem to use at night.After a week of using these products my skin had completely changed, the blemishes were gone and were not reappearing, my skin was finally clear!! 

IMG_2445.JPGI must say after about 6 months of using these products given I have combination skin the area around my cheeks started getting very dry and flaky and after speaking to the dermatologist, he said it could be due to the blemish cream as these can be quite drying so I decided to alternate the blemish cream with an oil for dehydrated skin. Now I get the very occasional breakout but its minimal and when I apply the blemish cream its gone within a couple of days. So although not 100% blemish free all of the time these products have really changed the way my skin looks!

This is a link to the site were you can buy the products. The company is based in Spain but they ship internationally.

Web site –

Blemish Cream –
Camomile Water Based Toner –

I hope this makes your skin feel as happy as mine and please let me know if you would like to see a full skincare routine video!

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