Part 2: Estee Lauder – The Super Underrated Brand (Makeup)

My last post was about the classic and amazing brand that is Estee Lauder and I covered my favourite products from their skincare range. Today I want to talk about some of their makeup products which I love and which I feel are even more underrated than their skin care.


Having watched Youtube gurus and followed beauty blogs for years, hardly ever I have seen anyone talk about a make up product by Estee Lauder, and I must say that although their collections are sometimes not the most daring their formulas are super innovative and the quality and staying power of their products is amazing. 

Double Wear Stay-In-Place Eye Pencil
This pencil is in my opinion even better than the Urban Decay 24/7 pencil which everyone seems to love. It is soft, glides on easily and is super easy to blend out with the rubber applicator on one end, but at the same time if you draw a line and you let it set for about 30 seconds it will not budge. I have very oily eyelids and this lasts the whole day without smudging. Its also great for your tight-lining your waterline and does not smudge  or flake. It was a wonderful discovery for me 6 years ago and I have never been able to replace it with anything else since. Their colour selection is also amazing, with some fun and really flattering colours which are not too crazy but at the same time can add a pop of colour to your look. My absolute favourites have to be their super intense black, the really brightening coffee colour and their amazing royal blue colour which adds a subtle pop of colour to my dark brown eyes.

Double Wear Gel Liner
This product is absolutely amazing! There is no other words to describe it.  I have used so many gel liners and I always find them to dry out very quickly, whereas this one lasts for months! The last one I purchased about 6 months ago and it still has a perfect creamy texture which makes it so easy to apply. It comes with a brush to applicator, but I must admit it isn’t the best. However, if you apply it with a stiff angled brush it  helps you achievethe perfect winged line in seconds. It is creamy, super dark, has great staying power and once it sets it will not budge with anything but at the same time is easy to remove with some eye makeup remover. For me its the best eye liner in the market! It also comes in a brown shade if you like a softer look.

Automatic Brow Pencil Duo
This is great to fill in your brows and the colours are super natural. I use the soft brown and it has a very ashy brown shade which make it super easy to blend in with your natural brow hair. It give a soft subtle look and the sharp tip helps create hair like strokes . The added bonus is when its over you don’t need to buy the whole pencil again and can just buy a replacement cartridge which makes it great if your watching your pennies!

Pure Colour Envy Eye Shadow Palette
These eyeshadows are great! My favourite has to be the limited edition Topaz palette but I have to say all palettes have a great colour selection. The eye shadows have very good staying power and are also highly pigmented but not so much that they cause fall out. The colours are subtly sheeny without being too glittery and they work well even on oily lids like mine. They blend out perfectly and the colour combinations on every palette are fantastic. If I had to mention one gripe I have, is that there aren’t enough matte shades in any of the palettes.

Pure Colour Lipstick
Their lipstick range is also amazing with classic colours and super nourishing formulas which work a treat. They have medium staying power but much better than other moisturising lipsticks and they have a classic full coverage formula which I love!

I hope you enjoyed this posts series and do let me know if other brand reviews like this one would interest you! 

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