Part 1: Estee Lauder – The Super Underrated Brand (Skincare)

I have been following beauty blogs and Youtube beauty gurus for over 7 years and the one thing that has always surprised me is how little anyone talks about Estee Lauder.  Estee Lauder for me has always been somewhat of a classic, as I initially was introduced to it by my mother who has been a huge fan of their skin care. So unlike other brands, which I was always excited to try out given the hype about them on the internet  or on the press, my Estee Lauder products were always a bit of a staple which I kept using because they worked but never really gave it much thought as to why I used them.

As I grew older and could afford to buy buy own skincare and makeup I started trying out new brands which were popular on the internet but I found that no matter what I tried in most cases I just ended up going back to Estee Lauder, because despite it being the more ‘grown up’ and less ‘hip’ brand that my mother used it actually worked wonders for me. So let me tell you about some of my most favourite products from them.


Their skincare for me is actually one of the best in the market as they have something for every skin type and their products are great for sensitive skin like mine, plus they have beautiful gold packaging which makes them a dressing table essential! 

Idealist Even Skin Tone Illuminator

This was my absolute favourite product from their brand. An oil free serum which minimised pores, stopped your skin from getting oily but was not drying and brightened your skin. This serum was great for wearing under makeup and moisturiser as it gave your skin a glow as if lit from within, without it making it look greasy or overly shiny like a highlighter would. It was fantastic for applying all over your face as it evened out your skin tone and acted as a great base for makeup. It was similar to Charlotte Tillbury’s Wonder Glow but a little less shiny which I preferred and it had the added skincare benefits. However at the end of last year this serum was discontinued in the UK However at the end of last year this serum was discontinued in the UK but you can order online ( or buy in the US.


Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum
When the Idealist Even Skin Tone Illuminator was discontinued in the UK I decided to try tried their Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum which has similar properties but does not give your skin that glow. This product has a runnier texture and a wonderful sweet smell (smells like sweets). When the product sets it feels a little silicony like a makeup primer so I find it that if I apply it all over my face it is a little drying as I have combination skin. However, when I apply it only on my T-Zone it really helps my make up last longer, you can see a difference in pore size and my skin feels velvety as opposed to oily. It also works wonders with breakouts, it helps dry any existing ones and prevents you from getting new ones given it contains salicylic acid. I still prefer the older serum which worked better for my specific skin type but if you are acne prone the Advanced Blemish Serum can work wonders for your skin


Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator
This is an eye cream designed to reduce dark circles, fine lines and increase brightness.  A number of brands have come up with similar products now but this was the first in the market. The packaging is fantastic as the little tube comes with a ceramic applicator which helps you depuff the under eye area and works especially well if you store it in the fridge so it is as cool as possible. The product itself is slightly drying so for more mature skin it works best if applied with  a moisturising eye cream underneath but if you do not have lines around your eye area it works perfectly on its own. The cream is slightly tinted and comes in 2 shades, one for lighter and one for darker skin tones and both shades have a soft glow which helps reflect the light and reduce significantly bluish underye darkness.

I hope you give these products a go as they really improved the look of my skin! My next post will be on their star makeup products so stay tuned for that!

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