Natural Home Made Hydrating Scrub

There are so many scrubs available in the market that sometimes its difficult to choose which one to take home. Personally, I have tried almost every product out there but till date the one that has given me best results is home made scrub which is super easy and does not only remove dead skin but also leaves your skin hydrated and soft as silk.

This scrub is super easy to make and you can use it on your entire body, but I have found it to be especially effective on the back of thighs, arms and hands.

All you will need to make the scrub is some olive oil and sugar!

*(The quantities below are to use the scrub only on arms and hands, if you wish to use it on your entire body you will probably have to make 3 times the amount)

Step 1: Take a small bowl and place 4 large spoons of olive oil

Step 2: Add 5 teaspoons of sugar
. The mixture should not be too runny and should have a slightly grainy creamy consistency

Step 3: Mix throughly and you’re ready to go!

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 10.46.53

Once you have prepared the scrub, pat some water onto the area you wish to scrub and then using the mixture you created earlier. Rub the skin throughly in cricular motions for approximately 2 to 3 minutes. Once you have done this use warm water to remove the mixture and then shower normally. After you have showered do not forget to moisturise your skin.. you will now feel as soft as a baby!!

TIP: I have found this scrub to be great to remove cuticles and leave your fingers soft and moisturised, free of any dead skin! It is also great for using it on any areas which are affected by keratosis pilaris, a hereditary condition in which small red bumps which feel a bit like whiteheads appear on the outer part of the upper arms, or in the area behind the thighs. 

Please Note!!: Exfoliants can be harsh on your skin, so you should not use them on a daily basis. For best results I recommend to use this scrub 2 to 3 times a week.

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