Tailored Summer Dressing

Oversized dressing is something that I didn’t love for a long time, and as has been the case with many trends I fall in love with them when they are almost out of fashion. But my mantra has always been, you should wear what you feel best in, and while while having an idea of trends and whats ‘in fashion’ is always helpful when designing your wardrobe, you should always dress with pieces that enhance your personal body shape and really go with your mood and style. So if I fall in love with a trend and its not all the rage any more but I really find it flattering I wont just discard it because everyone around me isn’t wearing it.


Oversize dressing thankfully has not really gone out of style and over the years I have incorporated more and more pieces into my wardrobe, and I have to admit that one of the reasons is because it is so comfortable! One my latest acquisitions has been this slightly oversized vest from Zara. I have loved oversized vests ever since they started trending, but I could never find one that could suit my frame. I am quite petite and I am not very tall, so a lot of these vests or gilets would end up looking too boxy on me, the shoulders wouldn’t really fit right and they would always be a bit too long. However, this piece from Zara has been a real find and it’s perfect! Its not too boxy but at the same time it still has a very relaxed fit. Its a light fabric, but it still has a tailored feel to it and I think the fact that its fully lined definitely helps keep it shape. You can’t actually button it up, but I don’t mind because I intended to leave it open most of the time and best thing  of all its the perfect length!



I was so excited to finally find a gilet that fitted my frame and I think I am going to get so much wear out of it this summer. Here I have styled it with black culottes and in order to balance things out I added a soft tan obi style belt to accentuate my waist, given both pieces were quite oversized. I never thought two oversized and quite loose fitting pieces could look good together, but I think they actually come together very well in this outfit and give it a very masculine, tailored and sophisticated feel whilst the belt and accessories just add a little touch of femininity.



I wanted to keep the whole look monochrome, so I opted for my black Aquazzura Belgravia heels which I have to say are the most comfortable pair of heels I own and are now on sale! And to add an extra touch of sparkle and glamour, given I was going to be wearing this outfit in the evening, I added this stunning jewelled sting ray Bulgari bag which I think just completed the outfit perfectly.



To finish accessorizing I added a few gold accents via my jewelry which paired very nicely with the champagne hold hardware details on my handbag.


This is great look if you are looking to give your summer outfits a more tailored vibe, but still keeping it fairly cool and relaxed  for the warmer summer months.

Waistcoat by Zara (in store)
Culottes by Caramelo (no longer available)
Black Cami by Zara
Obi Belt by Etxart and Panno (no longer available)
Sunglasses by Chanel (no longer available)
Belgravia Pumps by Aquazzura
Imperiale Watch by Chopard  (in store)

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Milan City Guide

I have never thought of Milan as a city with lots to see, I saw it as a shopping mecca more than anything else, but after my last trip to this beautiful city I have definitely changed my mind. After being involved in the BA debacle at the end of May with all flights worldwide being cancelled, we decided to switch up our holiday plans and instead of going to Naples as initially planned we headed to Lake Como, given no airline had flights to Naples available. The nearest airport to Lake Como was Milan so we decided to make the most of it and stay a day there to perhaps go shopping and see the city.  Despite the fact that we only spent a day and a half there I really wanted to share with you what I enjoyed about visiting this beautiful city, which I think would make the perfect destination for a weekend getaway.


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My Hair Heroes for Colour Treated Hair

My hair is something I have always had a bit of a love hate relationship with. Whilst I think its one of my best assets because its thick and healthy I also am never fully happy with the way it looks. I find it falls to flat after a day and I actually, believe it or not have less hair on one side of my head than the other! Another contributing factor to this love hate story is that I naturally have extremely dark hair, which means colouring it and trying to lighten it can be a real struggle when you don’t like warm undertones and this is what I want to talk to you about today.


I was quite happy with having pitch black hair till about the age of 19 and the I decided I really wanted to get the bronde look that a lot of celebrities including J.Lo were sporting at the time. I thought it would pretty simple, I would go to my local salon get a few highlights put in and voila that would be it! But this was not going to be an easy journey and its only now, almost 10 years later and after visiting countless hair stylists that I can finally say I have the hair colour I always wanted!

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My Obsession With Face Masks and Skincare Layering & Beauty Haul

I have been using face masks on a weekly basis  since I was a teen.  When I first started getting into them I think I used the same mask for at least a year. It was from Yves de Rocher and I had a lot of blemishes at the time, so the sales assistant recommended a peel off mask that was meant reduce the oiliness in my skin and help it clear up. At first I was super excited because the mask seemed to be doing what it was supposed to, but after using it every week for a whole year it didn’t really do much to my skin anymore and actually ended it up drying it up too much and in turn I actually broke out more.

Over the years and many Lisa Eldridge videos later, I have learnt that your skin needs different things at different times and face masks are a great way to fulfil these needs and that is why your routine can’t be static. I love masks that provide an instant result, and I feel that most good masks do, after putting them on you can immediately tell the difference and consistent use of some sort of mask on a regular basis really helps my skin.

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A Holiday In a Bottle | Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrances

Perfumes are not something I usually write about on my blog because I find it very hard to describe fragrances, but I have recently got my hands on one of Tom Ford’s exclusive fragrances and I had to tell you about it because honestly I have never experienced anything like it before.


I think the first time I smelt one of Tom Ford’s fragrances was once browsing around Heathrow for a present for my husband. The sales assistant mentioned that their Private Blend fragrances were all unisex, which I must say definitely sounded like a bonus because it meant we could both use it, and given I don’t usually like very girly floral or overly sweet scents I thought this sounded like a fragrance right up my street, and boy was I right!

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5 Minute Makeup Challenge

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know I am definitely not one to get ready in a rush. Anyone who knows me will probably tell you that my biggest flaw, is that it takes me over an hour and half to get out of the door on a daily basis so I thought it would be super fun to film this video and take on the 5 minute makeup challenge!

A  lot friends and viewers had been requesting me to do a video showing a quick and easy routine that they could use on daily basis, and whilst i am not sure I would walk out of the ouse like this, it definitely doesn’t get quicker than 5 minutes so I hope you enjoy the video!

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Most Worn Items in My Wardrobe | Fashion & Accessories

I feel like as influencers we are always talking about what we have just purchased or what is on our wish list, however we rarely talk about how much we are wearing or using those purhcases after a few months and really talking about how they have withstood the test of time. So after seeing a couple of Youtubers do this video I really wanted to share this with all of you, what my most worn items in my wardrobe are, ranging from fashion to jewellery and accessories.

I would’t call myself a compulsive shopper, and I actiually feel that I don’t shop that much at all. I like to invest in luxury fashion so I usually buy a couple of key pieces each season which I feel work with a number of existing items in my wardrobe and which I hope to love for years to come, but like everyone I too have those key times which I wear time and time again and which I feel were definitely worth the money, whether they were expensive or not! A lot of these pieces are things which not only have I worn for years but which I also can wear during multiple seasons and most of the time they are neutral pieces which classic cuts that go with pretty much anything.

So I hope you enjoy this video and that perhaps it gives you some ideas when you’re looking for key pieces to invest in that will see you through for many years!

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APRIL Favourites and Unfavorites

I am back with a monthly favourites and in this one, to add into the mix also has a couple of disappointing products in there. With Spring on our doorsteps a lot of brands have been launching their new collections and I was very excited to try out a few of them, especially when it came to lip products, however after trying a few of these at the counters themselves I was quite disappointed to find they really weren’t anything like I was expecting them to be. So I thought I would share my thoughts with you, just so you can avoid spending money on things you might not end up using. I feel this can especially be the case when you are shopping online, as swatches on screen can be quite deceiving and you can’t really tell what a texture will be like without trying a product on.

Other than that I am sharing with you my usual beauty, skin care and fashion favourites for the month of April so I hope you enjoy this video, and if you do please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

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Exploring Malta | VLOG

As some of you may know if you follow me on Snapchat and Instagram (if you don’t I have linked those below), I went to Malta last week. I actually headed out there for a friend’s wedding and I thought it would be super fun to take you along with me to a full 3 day Indian wedding extravaganza. However, vlogging at the wedding was an epic fail! There were so many functions and I was catching up with friends I hadn’t seen for years so it didn’t appropriate to vlog a lot of the time, and I am not going to lie I did forget my camera quite a few times!

I did however stay on for 3 days after the wedding to check out Malta with my mom and we had a bit of a girly holiday, exploring the island and just chatting and chilling quite a lot. I thought it would be really nice to share this with you and show you a little sneak peak of Malta, which has some stunning views and the capital city is almost like out of a fairytale. We stayed in a small boutique hotel just by the city centre and it was super quaint. So I hope you enjoy this video and if you do please don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel.

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Spring Fashion Haul | Net-A-Porter, Zara, AD ….

So Spring is finally here, well sort of – this English weather has not been on its best behaviour, but there have been a few days where the sun has been shining so I decided to start getting my Spring wardrobe ready and since I was going away on holiday to Malta it was the perfect excuse to get myself a few more summer bits.

Spring trends have really got me excited because there are so many crisp poplin cotton style tops and shirts which are one of my favourite things, and given I was on the hunt for a new white top (you can never have too many of those!) I checked out what Zara and Adolfo Dominguez had and found quite a few options! I have to admit that I have also been very impressed with Zara’s collection for Spring and actually since filming this video I have picked up a few other bits because they have so many classic, versatile yet still trendy pieces this season! I have also been after a pair of boyfriend jeans for a while, and I purchased a pair from Net-A-Porter which you would have already seen featured in this blogpost.

So this one really is a mixed bag with some high street and some designer pieces, and some of the stuff featured is actually on sale right now so well worth checking it out! I hope you enjoy this video and if you do please don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel!

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